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This article's goal is to sum up the weapons settings.


  • Each weapon's settings are 4 bytes long. A byte can theorically store a value between 0 and 255. Each byte correspond to a different setting:
    • Ammo
    • Power
    • Delay
    • Crate Probability
  • You can consider there are 2 main categories of weapon: regular ones and super ones.

Super Weapons

  • You can't edit super weapons' power or crate probability settings. Those unused bytes allowed some WormKit modules to store their settings directly in the scheme file: RubberWorm is a good example of that phenomenon.
  • In WWP schemes and in W:A v1 schemes (for version 3.0), you can't edit super weapons' settings at all.

Here are the super weapons (they appear in that order in scheme files) :

Position Weapon Name
1 Freeze
2 Super Banana Bomb
3 Mine Strike
4 Girder Starter Pack
5 Earthquake
6 Scales Of Justice
7 Ming Vase
8 Mike's Carpet Bomb
9 Patsy's Magic Bullet
10 Indian Nuclear Test
11 Select Worm
12 Salvation Army
13 Mole Squadron
14 MB Bomb
15 Concrete Donkey
16 Suicide Bomber
17 French Sheep Strike
18 Mail Strike
19 Armageddon


Ammo Setting

A 10 value or a value between 128 et 255 (both included) means infinite.

However, you'll need an external scheme editor to set a value above 10.

Power Setting

Warning: editing super weapons' power settings won't change anything. Also, in WWP, the limit is indeed 1-5 for every weapon.

The ingame scheme editor only lets you set this value from 1 to 5, whilst you can actually set it from 1 to 256.

However, most of the weapons don't go that far with power settings. There is no general rule that is the same for every weapon, but we can still notice that most of the weapons' standard power values go from 1 to 20, and that many of them follow the pattern shown below (where the percentage shown in the "Damage" column is a comparison with power 3).

Setting Damage Setting Damage Setting Damage Setting Damage
1 80% 6 80% 11 50% 16 50%
2 90% 7 90% 12 70% 17 70%
3 100% 8 100% 13 100% 18 100%
4 110% 9 110% 14 150% 19 130%
5 120% 10 120% 15 200% 20 150%

Special cases:

  • You have some weapons in the Detailed Weapon Settings section just below.
  • Jet Pack's power setting can be edited since It can go from 1 to 256, 1-5 meaning 30 fuel, 6 meaning infinite fuel. 7-256 values mean fuel amount + 6 (7-6=1 so 7 means 1 fuel, and so on).
  • By editing the Girder's power setting, you actually edit its max distance from the active worm. The values goes by steps of 200, from 200 to 51,000 pixels. The Girder's power setting also affect the Girder Starter Pack.
  • Ninja Rope: any value above 5 means unlimited shots.
  • Editing the Parachute, Bungee and Teleport's power settings is eye-candy, but is still possible.
  • Editing all the first row's utilities' power setting isn't possible; it's eye-candy for all of them as well (so far, I only found a possible use for the Low Gravity).

Any unhandled values will simply makes the affected weapons not exploding at all.

Detailed Weapon Settings

Here are the more detailed power settings of weapons. An external scheme editor is needed to set a weapon to any level except 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Baseball Bat

This table does not include any additional damage caused by the bat, such as fall damage. The hit distances are measured in pixels, are only horizontal distances between same ground levels, and are valid when the bat's angle is set to 45°. Sliding is not included.

Setting Damage Hit Distance Setting Damage Hit Distance Setting Damage Hit Distance Setting Damage Hit Distance
1 24 hp 410 px 6 24 hp 410 px 11 15 hp 156 px 16 15 hp 156 px
2 27 hp 514 px 7 27 hp 514 px 12 21 hp 310 px 17 21 hp 310 px
3 30 hp 643 px 8 30 hp 643 px 13 30 hp 643 px 18 30 hp 643 px
4 33 hp 773 px 9 33 hp 773 px 14 45 hp 1444 px 19 39 hp 1083 px
5 36 hp 927 px 10 36 hp 927 px 15 60 hp 2584 px 20 45 hp 1444 px

Any setting from 21 results in 0 hp damage, and the attacked worm is not moved from its original position. Note that there can be an error of around 3 pixels for the hit distances.

Battle Axe

Damage is applied by substracting a fixed percentage of the target's health, depending on its power setting. If, however, a worm with 1 health point is attacked, it will die.

Setting Damage Setting Damage Setting Damage Setting Damage
1 25% 242 40% 247 40% 252 25%
2 35% 243 45% 248 45% 253 35%
3 50% 244 50% 249 50% 254 50%
4 65% 245 55% 250 55% 255 75%
5 75% 246 60% 251 60% 256 100%

Any setting from 6 to 241 results in 0% damage. However, the worm is still smashed into the ground, thus the player can move its worm through it.

Delay Setting

How many turns will players have to wait before using a weapon, but also before they can find it in a crate?

Almost works in the same way the ammo setting works: difference is that values considered as infinite are only 128-255, not 10;128-255.

There, you would ask me, how can infinite delay be useful? Well, with this you can prevent some super weapons from appearing in weapon crates.

Crate Probability Setting

First of all, editing this setting will be useless if there are no weapon crates at all, and if you don't want to create a Rubber schemes.

Yes, I just mentioned Rubber Worm. Since super weapons' crate probabilities' are officially unused, some modules, like Rubber Worm, use these bytes in order to store special settings in this byte. If you don't want your scheme to be Rubber Worm, then keep the super weapons' crate probability to 0, otherwise there will be desynchronisations between players using Rubber Worm and players not using Rubber Worm.

So, as said above, you can't edit the super weapons' crate probability. You can only tell whether they might appear in crates or not. However, there, Select Worm acts a little bit differently: it always has a 0.5 crate probability, just in case super weapons are disabled and all other weapons have a 0 crate probability. In order to prevent it from appearing into crates, either give it infinite ammo or infinite delay (players will never be able to use the Select Worm, though).

Last, but not least, you can't edit the Utilities' crate probability, because the game has an already defined set of probabilities.

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