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Attention, attention! Unimportant stuff following which I did:

Game Scheme Ideas

Worms Related Software

  • Syroot.Worms - .NET library for loading and modifying file formats of Team17 Worms games (replacing crappy Worms.NET project).
  • Optimized ProjectX Editors - removed annoyances like missing close buttons or badly designed GUI fixed.
  • IMG Viewer - displays IMG level files and their details
  • PAL Editor - capable of viewing and editing W:A / WWP frontend color palettes


btw technically american english and british english are like wa and wwp

wa branched off and became the most commonly played/updated one, though
initially on the older t17 codebase, still carrying some of its limitations

while wwp was the "continuation" of the code base, but is quite meh and not
really updated

wa is like american english because it still carries some of the older
british english elements, e.g. "fall" for autumn, which is obsolete in Britain

Don't do drugs like this guy, kids.

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