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This is a list of all known cheats for Worms and Worms: The Director's Cut.



  • Typing "BAABAA" either on the Options screen or in-game will grant you the Sheep, Banana Bomb, and Minigun. Typing it backwards disables the cheat.
    • In Worms United the cheat code is changed to "BOBJOB" to activate and "BOJBOB" to deactivate.
  • The Bazooka-Uzi trick.


  • Typing "TOTAL WORMAGE" (including the space) replaces the Cluster Bomb with the Banana Bomb, the Uzi with the Minigun, and the Mine with the Sheep on the options screens. It also changes the palette on the main menu.
  • Prod is a hidden move on the Amiga. To Prod, tap AWAY, AWAY, TOWARDS, TOWARDS. Your worm will then Prod. This ends your turn.

Sony PlayStation / PSone

  • Pausing the game and tapping "X, Square, Square, X, Square, Square, X, Square, Square" will grant you unlimited Sheep, Banana Bombs, and Miniguns, and will also make the Ninja Rope more flexible.

Worms: The Director's Cut

Misc. cheats

  • Naming a worm "Jesus" allows it to walk on water.
  • The above Prod cheat also works in WormsDC.

Main Menu cheat codes

Type these cheat codes in the main menu, including any spaces. If successful, the screen will flash and a message will appear letting you know whether the cheat has been activated or deactivated. Typing the code a second time will disable the cheat.

Code Effect
ARTILLERY Artillery Mode. Worm positions are fixed and cannot move.
BETONG ASNA Replaces the "Worms" grenade on the main menu with the Concrete Donkey. Also activates the "GRAVITY" cheat.
BOING Replaces the "Worms" grenade on the main menu with the red-and-white checked Amiga ball. Also activates the "GRAVITY" cheat.
CHIPRAM Displays the amount of free Chip RAM.
CHORLTON AND THE WHEELIES Allows you to modify Ammo, Crate Frequency and Power settings for the three Secret Weapons - Mail Strike, Nuke and Concrete Donkey.
GRAVITY Toggles gravity on the main menu object. Activated by default when "BETONG ASNA" or "BOING" cheats are entered.
JAMIE AND HIS MAGIC TORCH Allows you to modify Ammo, Crate Frequency and Power settings for the Special Weapons.
KARTONG APA Enables Monkey Mode. Translates weapon names into Swedish and replaces Sheep-on-a-Rope with the identical "Kenny-på-ett-Rep" ("Kenny-on-a-Rope").
LITTLE FLUFFY SHEEP Destroying any weapons crate causes a Sheep to be "Liberated", flinging it up in the air briefly before bringing it back down again where it will detonate on impact.
MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR Worm names will not be displayed during play, leaving you with no idea if you're attacking friend or foe.
MAGNET The "Worms" grenade on the title screen will become magnetized to the mouse pointer.
MUSIC Toggles the main menu music on and off. This cheat is saved in Option Sets (see MUSIC cheat glitch).
NUTTER All explosions in the game will have the strength of Dynamite. Identical to "Banzai Mode" on the PC version of Worms.
OMNIPOTENT BLUE WORM All Worms have infinite health and can walk on water. Note that worms will still die if they fall' into the water.
PESTILENCE When worms die they burst into flames instead of exploding, leaving no gravestone.
PONG Toggles the collision effect on the main menu object, affecting whether it will be batted away when it comes into contact with the mouse pointer.
RED BULL Worm jumping distance increased.
SUPA SHOPPA Weapon Crates are spawned during landscape generation instead of landmines.
TOTAL WORMAGE Replaces the Worms logo in the in-game GUI with the old "Total Wormage" logo, and changes some of the weapon names to their original pre-Worms names (e.g. Ninja Rope becomes "Batrope"). Also activates the "WEIRDED" cheat, changing the palette for the main menu colors.
VERSION Displays the current version number of the game. This is displayed by default after the game loads successfully in v1.05.
WEIRDED Changes the palette values on the main menu.

Hidden Messages

WormsDC also contains a number of hidden messages that can be displayed by typing in the appropriate code on the main menu.

Code Message Notes
AMIGA ROCK LOBSTER!! References the codename for the Amiga 500 home computer, the most common and successful of the Amiga range.
ANDY MAD? POSSIBLY This was in Andy Davidson's email signature at the time of the game's release. The phrase also appears as a message that appears as the terrain is generating in both Worms and WormsDC.
BEN HUTCHINGS IS A … ? References the creator of WormShell, a tool that fixed several bugs in the Amiga release of Worms. Hutchings' ReadMe for WormShell makes some unkind comments about the coding for Worms, and so this comment may have been made in retaliation.
LA CIENDA HONDURAS FESTEN KOMMER HEM Message translates as "the party comes home".
TBL TRANQUILITY BASE LLAMAS!! Tranquility Base is the site of the '69 moon landing.

Landscape Generator cheat codes

Enter these in the Landscape Generator by right-clicking the mouse, typing the code, then pressing the Enter key. Spaces must be included when typing the codes.

In addition to these codes, typing the name of a specific landscape style (e.g. HELL, ARCTIC, FOREST) will generate landscapes of only that style.

Code Effect Notes
1471 Re-generates the previous level. References the 1471 code in the UK telephone system that provides the phone number of the last person to call you.
ALL Will generate any type of landscape. Active by default.
CAVERN Only generate Cavern landscapes, with ceilings. All Air Strike weapons are disabled on these landscapes except for the Concrete Donkey. Appending a space and then this code to a landscape style name will generate only Cavern landscapes of that style (e.g. "HELL CAVERN", "ARCTIC CAVERN"). Due to a character limit, "GRAVEYARD CAVERN" cannot be typed.
CUSTOM Randomly selects a custom level. Left-clicking the mouse will pick another random one.
GRAFFITI Randomly selects a saved Graffiti level. Left-clicking the mouse will pick another random one.
HIGH Generates landscapes with a much higher than usual water level.
LOW Generates landscapes with the standard water level.
MEDIUM Generates landscapes with a slightly higher than usual water level.
WEIRDED Generates hollow landscapes.
632 800-999 Where "800-999" is any number between 800 and 999 (e.g. 632 876). This generates a series of weird and wonderful landscapes. It is not known whether this is an intentionally coded number range, or a quirk of the terrain generation system.
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