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(Up to Game logic)

Here is a list of unlockable cheats in Worms Armageddon. While these are called "cheats" by the game, a more accurate description of these would be "unlockable scheme options", as applying these does not give a particular player any advantage over another player. These options only enable a wider variety of gameplay configuration, unlike cheat codes in many other games.

After gold medals in Trainings

Training Cheat Unlocked
Basic Training Blood Mode
Super Sheep Racing Aqua Sheep
Rifle Range Shotgun Upgrade
Crazy Crates Sheep Heaven
Artillery Range Grenade Upgrade
Euthanasia / Advanced Weapons Training Longbow Upgrade

After missions (gold medal not required)

Mission Number Cheat Unlocked
4 Laser Sight
8 Jet Pack
13 Fast Walk
16 Invisibility
20 Low Gravity
25 Indestructible Terrain
33 Banana Upgrade

After reaching (but not necessarily beating) the Elite rank Deathmatch

You will unlock the God Mode option.

After you've unlocked every cheat mentioned above

You will unlock the Full Wormage scheme, as well as the ability to edit super weapons' settings and extended scheme options in the first-party scheme editor. Originally this would only unlock the Full Wormage scheme, but the ability to edit super weapon settings was added in v3.5 Beta 1, and the extended scheme options were added in v3.8. The extended scheme options can then be accessed by clicking the star-shaped icon in the top-right corner of the usual game options button.

Shortcuts to unlocking The Full Wormage and extended scheme options

Via cheat code

You can type boggysentme in the main menu to unlock extended scheme options and the Full Wormage scheme. When entered correctly, the door unlocking sound effect that plays when disabling team weapons in the scheme editor will play. This code sets a DWORD value named LocalProgressOverride in the Windows registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Team17SoftwareLTD\WormsArmageddon\Options to 0x6ff8f617 (or decimal 1878586903), which overrides any progress your teams have made, so the extended scheme options will stay unlocked between sessions and if your team file is reset. This code can be typed again to disable this progress override.

This cheat code was not revealed with the release of WA 3.8 immediately. Instead, there were hints left for a community effort to try to find the code. The history of the code's discovery and final reveal are documented in the History of the Full Wormage shortcut cheat code article.

Note that despite the registry value name "LocalProgressOverride", this cheat code does not modify your effective single-player game progress. Therefore, it does not unlock all missions and the Elite (maximum difficulty) deathmatch rank. The only valid shortcut for that is still team file editing (using TeamED, for example).

Via team file editing

Using TeamED, you can take an alternative shortcut to unlocking everything listed in this article. To do so:

  1. Close Worms Armageddon if it's open.
  2. Install and run TeamED.
  3. Click "File" -> "Open Default W:A Team File".
  4. Click the "Cheat Settings (W:A Only)" button in the bottom-right.
  5. Enable "The Full Wormage" by clicking its checkbox. This will enable all other checkboxes.
  6. Click "OK".
  7. Click "File" -> "Save Current Team File".

At this point, everything listed in this article will be unlocked.

Disclaimer: These shortcuts are not intended to replace the single-player experience, which is still the recommended way to unlock these options. This information is included here because the information was available in this Worms Knowledge Base already, but unknown to some players. There were multiple reports online from players reacting to the release of the extended scheme options who reported that they were giving up on unlocking everything before attempting to do so. Those players seemed unaware that they could enjoy the extended scheme options without spending many hours unlocking it legitimately.
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