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Invisibleicon.png Invisibility
Type: Utility
Keyboard selection: Util. (x5)
Standard effects: A player's worm's become invisible to other players
Present in: W:A, WWP

Invisibility is an utility that a player can use to make the entire team invisible to non-local players. Thus, it can only be used in network games.

The effect ends when any worm from the team uses a damaging weapon. Thus, the only weapons and utilities that do not end invisibility are:

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Invisibility cannot be used in local games, for obvious reasons.
  • Extracted from the ReadMe: "The camera follows an opponent's active worm and cursor even if they are Invisible. This gives an advantage to players who are running W:A at a low resolution, since this narrows down the opponent's location".
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