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=== Graphics editors ===
=== Graphics editors ===
* {{x-w2}}{{i-wa}}{{x-wwp}} [[WA directory editor]]
* {{x-w2}}{{i-wa}}{{x-wwp}} [[WA directory editor]] (a.k.a. Sprite Editor)
* {{x-w2}}{{i-wa}}{{x-wwp}} [[Water color editor]]
* {{x-w2}}{{i-wa}}{{x-wwp}} [[Water color editor]]

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This page lists additional software related to the 2D Worms series.

2nd generation




Backup software

Graphics editors


Map editors/generators

Map stealers

Map viewers/decoders


Replay managers/viewers

Scheme/option editors


Team editors

Weapons editors

WormNET proxies

WormNET server software

WormNET snoopers

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