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The title Buttfats & Parsnips is a MegaworM invention, and is very typical of his usual state of mind. After creating the title of LeetF*ck, he suggested this as the name of Annelid's team editor. The name was not used and went on to become the title of MegaworM's increasingly-complex memory editing program, which performed, at its peak, many interesting but largely cosmetic modifications to the game. BnF could make a client have a different name entirely in the Wormnet chat, the ingame lobby, and the actual online gameplay. (ToDo: figure out the other things this program did, as they currently escape my mind)

Because it directly referenced W:A's memory addresses, the program's code had a long list of pointers that needed to be updated at every new beta update version release, since each compilation of W:A would result in many of the memory addresses changing. The program is currently not maintained, nor has it been since 2005, and most likely does not work at all with the latest update of W:A.

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