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icon Armageditor
Armageditor screenshot
Developer: Mr Flump
Latest version: v1.0.3
Supported games: W:A
Download: Armageditor (36 kb)

Armageditor (written by Mr Flump) was the first external scheme editor for Worms Armageddon. It is compatible only with Version 1 W:A schemes, and so effectively became obsolete after August 8th 2002, when Version 2 schemes were introduced in with the v3.5 Beta 1 patch and became the norm.

A feature many people really appreciated about Armageditor was its simplicity. The scheme options were neatly organized under 4 tabs; Game Options, Game Cheats, Weapon Options, and File Options. Every scheme option was given a simple, straight-forward description. Scheme options were toggled with checkboxes and most scheme values were adjusted with slider bars. The simplicity of the program is emphasized by the fact that it contained no graphical images.

The program had many limitations. These include not allowing the water rise rate to be set beyond 7, mine fuses beyond 3 seconds, weapon delays beyond 9 turns, the strength of the fall damage setting, along with a few others.

There are some quirks with the program's design as well. It didn't have a taskbar button, so when it lost focus, the user had to minimise the windows in front of it to get to it. The program used a border style which didn't allow minimization. Next to all of the slider bars were input text boxes, but all of these were locked, thereby preventing input with the keyboard. What's worse is that these text boxes did not update with the value of the slider bars when they are adjusted.


More modern editors such as Scheme Works or SchemeEddy are far more user-friendly and powerful than Armageditor.

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