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Developer: CyberShadow
Latest version: v1.x / 5 May 2009
Supported games: W:A
Language: Delphi
License: Open-source

MyWormNET is a WormNET server software, which allows users to create their own WormNET-like servers.

The software has several limitations which do not allow to use it as a full replacement for the official WormNET server. Thus, it has no support for player logins and ranks, and has a hard-coded limit of only one channel.

MyWormNET is the first WormNET server software to have a built-in HTTP and IRC server. This allows for regular users to create a WormNET server without having to setup a separate IRC or HTTP server first - however, MyWormNET can be configured to interoperate with a 3rd-party IRC or HTTP server, should the user desire to use either.

A second version of the software (MyWormNET2) was planned, however was delayed (due to the almost-ready state of Byte's WormNET server), and eventually cancelled.

In 2008, Expro released his MyWormNET modification on the Team17 forums with various new features and enhancements.

In late 2013, StepS became interested in the project and developed a new edition based on the CyberShadow's one. It includes various new features and enhancements written from scratch, as well as fixes to most known issues and WWP support. Latest version is and is available on GitHub.

In December 2013, work was started on MyWormNET's successor, MyWormNET2. MyWormNET2 is a complete rewrite in a new programming language, and supports features such as multiple channels and channel modes.

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