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icon The Fiddler
The Fiddler screenshot
Developer: Fudge Boy
Latest version: v4.01 / 26 October, 2006
Supported games: W:A
Supported W:A version: 3.0
Language: Delphi
License: Shareware
Download: (574 kb)

The Fiddler is allegedly Fudge Boy's most popular Worms-related creation. The program allows users to tweak many game settings which are normally unadjustable, or set them outside the bounds enforced by the in-game configuration interface. It only affects the W:A version Nowadays it doesn't work due to the compatibility issues, and also Project X includes a more powerful editor, based on The Fiddler's features.


Excerpt from the scrolling message:

This program grew out of the frustration of discovering that Worms : Armageddon is much less customisable than Worms 2 was. Fudge Boy developed SchemeEd at around the same time that Allan West was writing Armageditor 1.0, but both quickly discovered the limitations of scheme file editing. Three weeks of late nights picking apart the disassembled code of Worms : Armageddon and The Fiddler was born! The Fiddler is Fudge Boy's first attempt to write a program for other people to use, which he is finding to present quite a challenge. None of his programs to date has ever been run outside of the compiler.

Current status

The latest publicly released version of The Fiddler only works with the v3.0 version of Worms Armageddon. Fudge Boy has announced that he has started working on version 4.1 of the Fiddler which added compatibility with the beta patches; however, there was no confirmation of a fully working version for the v3.5 (or latter) versions of the game.


Since the Fiddler modifies the game's memory directly, it is impossible to use the Fiddler with network play, unless all parties are using it and the exact configuration. The 3.0 version of the game does not work natively on NT-based Windows systems, and require an additional program (Silkworm) to run. Also, it has been reported that not any 3.0 executable will work (as, on some systems, some versions may crash, regardless if the Fiddler is used or not).

Future plans

Although Fudge Boy shared the source code to the Fiddler with a few developers, there are no plans to make the Fiddler work with the latest version of the game, or to extend its functionality. Instead, Deadcode has announced that he is planning to add Fiddler scheme format (.fsc) support to the game itself, allowing it to load Fiddler settings directly and using it like a normal scheme.

Installing Fiddler on Windows XP

The current version of the Fiddler (v4.01) is not compatible with any version of WA beyond You will therefore need two copies of WA installed: one with the latest update that you will use normally, and one that you will use for the Fiddler. Since both executables will use the same files, they can exist in the same directory.

Requirements for installing the Fiddler

You will need:

  • A working copy of Worms Armageddon. It must not be a Trymedia version. Trymedia will not work.
  • WA Fiddler 4.01 executable and associated files (from link in infobox at top of page)

Installing the Fiddler

  1. Back up your User folder by copying it to the desktop. This will ensure that you do not lose your saved maps, schemes, mission progress, teams, etc.
  2. Completely uninstall Worms Armageddon.
  3. If you had a previous version of the Fiddler installed (v4.0), you will need to delete the "FPTH" registry entry. Navigate Start > Run... > regedit to access the registry editor, then navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Team17SoftwareLTD > Worms Armageddon and delete the registry entry.
  4. Install WA, and patch it to [v.] if necessary. Do NOT install the beta update!
  5. Move your back-up User folder back into the WA directory, and click "Overwrite All" when prompted. This will restore your teams, maps, etc.
  6. Navigate to the WA directory and locate wa.exe. Rename it to 30.exe
  7. Install the update. You will then have two executables in the WA directory, wa.exe, which is updated, and 30.exe, which is not.
  8. Download [this serverlist] (right-click, save as) and move it to the Worms Armageddon/graphics/ServerLobby folder. Overwrite the version that is already there.
  9. Extract the archive to the WA directory.
  10. Run silkworm_patch.exe
  11. Run the Fiddler.reg key so that the Fiddler knows where WA was installed. If this location is not "C:\Team17\Worms Armageddon", you will need to edit this registry key.

Running the Fiddler

  1. Run 30.exe. A Silkworm window will appear. Check the box that reads "Fix Windows 2000/XP Mouse wheel bug" and click OK. When Worms Armageddon loads, quit it. You will only need to perform this step once.
  2. Run Fiddler.exe

Using Fiddler for an online game

Ensure that all players do the following:

  1. Download [this].
  2. Start up the Fiddler program and run fiddlerclicker.exe
  3. Load the fiddle scheme you want to play (all players must have the exact same fiddle scheme loaded).
  4. Start W:A manually (that is, not through the Fiddler program).
  5. Enter WormNET and host or join the game.
  6. When in the lobby, all players must press Scroll Lock to activate fiddler-clicker.
  7. Have the host launch the game.

FAQ and Known Issues

Offline and Online use

  • "Why does Worms Armageddon crash halfway through loading the game?" - You probably have the Sold Out Software or US version of the game. Make sure that Watercolour under options is set to "Blue".

Online use issues

  • If the Fiddler scheme you try to use contains a weapon that is thrown but the game does not have a sprite for the worm throwing that weapon, causing the worm holding the weapon to be invisible (you'll know if you see this, and it won't be a problem until you use the weapon), that will cause a desync. The solution is to fix the Fiddler scheme so that the weapon is not thrown or has a sprite for the worm throwing it.
  • Only original CDs or CD images will work, since in v3.0 the CD check is still active. The game will desynchronise if you use an edited CD/image (water.dir, music files, etc.)
  • Fiddler settings have no effect on the following options:
    • Turn time
    • Manual worm placement
    • Crate probabilities
    • Number of rounds (in network games)
  • If you are sure you're doing everything right and are still getting desynchronisations, check to make sure your versions of WA match. It is not certain that all versions of WA actually have 3.0 on the cd.


  • Fudgeboy (author of Fiddler)
  • Ed Webb (v4.01 features)
  • Deadcode (author of Silkworm patch)
  • Bonz (step-by-step tutorials; known issues)
  • MadEwokHerd (modified serverlist file; fiddlerclicker.exe; known issues)
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