Uzi/Minigun sound glitch

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If a worm using an Uzi or Minigun is knocked whilst the weapon is still firing, the looping sound effect will not stop until an explosion sound effect is played. This results in some weird in-game sound issues:

  • If the move results in 2 or more kills triggering a replay, a small sound corruption will play during the fade-out and fade-in.
  • Upon the start of the next worms' turn, the Uzi/Minigun sound will be replaced with the sound associated with whichever weapon they have selected. For example, if the worm currently has the Dragonball selected, a small clip of the "Ha-dou-ken" speechfile will play.
    • In WormsDC, if the Ninja Rope is selected, the Dynamite fuse will play.
    • This likely happens because the game changes the buffered sound effect for the current weapon, resulting in the looped audio changing.
  • If a weapon is deployed that triggers a speechbank sample, for instance a Grenade throw, the used speechbank sound will loop upon activation (e.g. "Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!").

This bug is a rare occurrence, as the window to knock a worm while using either of these weapons is incredibly slim. Though annoying, the glitch does not appear to cause any in-game issues.

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