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Having fun with the Black Hole gravity!
Game setup
Black Hole BnG:
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A big circle at the center
Examples at the WMDB

Black Hole BnG or Rubber BnG is one of the first RubberWorm schemes. It is a BnG variation, but with the Black Hole feature (that makes the force of gravity act at the center of the map), requiring maps with a big circle at the center to play (often the maps represent a planet).


The center of the map kills worms, so if the land at the center of the map be destroyed, it will be a very dangerous place to go. Avoiding falls and protecting the worms that are near the center is recommended.


Some variations of this scheme often includes more weapons, usually artillery weapons like Sheep Launcher and Holy Hand Grenade, what makes the name of the scheme a bit strange, since there are not only bazookas and grenades anymore. The Sheep Launcher is quite funny because it can skim on the water and also jump on the wall while moving in circles.


The first map released for this scheme was released on WMDB on 27th April 2008 by Pisto (the author of RubberWorm). Since 5th January 2021 HostingBuddy supports this scheme.

This article has a to-do list:
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