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A list of members of the community connected with the 1st-generation games in the series - Worms, Worms United and Worms: The Director's Cut. The list includes community members, developers of applications designed to be used with Worms games, map designers, and some current and former Team17 staff.

Name/Nickname Location First Name PC Amiga Console Related Pages & Notes
AceMan Yes Produced WormsDC compatible versions of terrain styles of WA.
Andy Davidson UK (England) Andy Yes Yes Yes Former Team17 staff, creator of the game, programmer of the Amiga versions.
Ben Hutchings Levenshulme, Manchester, UK Ben Yes Developer of WormsShell for the Amiga version of Worms.
Bjørn Lynne Norway Bjørn Yes Yes Yes Wrote the Wormsong. Handled music and sound for all games in the series, as well as various other Team17 games, up until 2010.
Chris Pritchard Chris Yes Developer of WormPrefs for WormsDC.
Mad-Matt Yes Provided first publicly-available disk image of the v1.05 patch disk.
Martyn "Spadge" Brown UK (England) Martyn Yes Yes Yes Former Team17 staff, Creative Director for Worms and WormsDC.
Squirminator2k Los Angeles, CA Ben Yes Yes Yes Dream17, WKB

Credited Developers

Below is a list of developers credited with working on 1st-gen Worms games.

Name Worms WormsUtd WormsDC Credited Role(s) Related Pages & Notes
John Allardice Yes Yes Yes Additional Animation, Additional Graphics, FMV Modelling
Alex Amsel Yes Consultant
Barry Aremstrong Yes Custom Level Artist
Kelvin Aston Yes Playtester
Cris Blyth Yes Yes Yes FMV Animation, Additional Graphics, Design, Custom Level Artist
Allister Brimble Yes Audio (SNES)
Martyn Brown Yes Yes Yes Development Director
Simon Butler Yes Additional Graphics (PC, Mac, PS1, Saturn, Jaguar)
Wai Dat Chan Yes Playtester Receives Special Thanks in the Amiga version oif Worms.
Andy Davidson Yes Yes Yes Concept, Game Design, Programming, Animation
Porl Dunstan Yes Playtester
John Eggett Yes Playtester
Paul Field Yes QA Manager
Mark Fitt Yes Additional Programming
Nick Gravgaard Yes Playtester
P-A Gustafsson Yes Additional Graphics
Chris Hare Yes Playtester
Gavin Harwood Yes Programming (GB, SMD) East Point Software
Jamie Hill Yes Playtester
Rico Holmes Yes Yes Yes Graphics, Background Graphics
Richard Hurst Yes Playtester
Steve Lewis Yes Playtester
Francis Lillie Yes Programming (SNES, SMD) East Point Software
Rory Little Yes Yes Custom Level Artist (WormsUtd), Worm Artwork (WormsDC)
Paul Kilburn Yes Producer, Documentation
Bjørn Lynne Yes Yes Yes Sound + Music
Pete Lyon Yes Yes Custom Level Artist (Worms Utd), Worm Artwork (WormsDC)
Kenny Magnusson Yes Additional Graphics Kenny's likeness replaces the Sheep-on-a-Rope in Monkey Mode.
Rory Mc Leish Yes Custom Level Artist
Mark McGinley Yes Playtester
Karl Morton Yes Yes FMV, Additional Coding (PC, Mac, PS1, Saturn, Jaguar) Had support for CUCD7 been realized in WormsDC, it is likely Morton would have received a credit there for the FMVs.
Martin O'Donnell Yes Project Manager (SNES, SMD), Producer (GB)
Pieter Opdam Yes Yes Coding, Additional Design (PC, Mac, PS1, Saturn, Jaguar)
Chris Pritchard Yes Playtester Created in the WormsDC ReadMe as the developer of WormPrefs
Phil Q-Webster Yes Q.A. Manager (Amiga)
Tony Senghore Yes Yes Custom Level Artist (WormsUtd), Additional Graphics (WormsDC)
Andy Severn Yes Audio (SMD)
Roy Stewart Yes Graphics (SNES, SMD, GB) East Point Software
Gary Symons Yes Yes Coding, Additional Design (PC, Mac, PS1, Saturn, Jaguar)
Andy Till Yes Playtester
James Tiller Yes Playtester
Martin Tolson Yes Playtester
Wiggz Yes Yes Custom Level Artist (WormsUtd), Additional Graphics (WormsDC)
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