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icon WormsShell
Developer: Ben Hutchings
Supported games: Worms (Amiga version only)
Language: C++ (presumably - am trying to confirm)
License: Freeware
Website: None, available at Dream17

WormsShell is a combined patch and installer for the Amiga and CD32 versions of Worms. The initial version was released on 6th November, 1996 and the last version released on 25th November, 1996.

Bugs fixed

Features added

  • Improved memory usage
  • Option to use a CD32 controller from start-up
  • Enable additional CD audio features with either CD or floppy version of the game
  • Start with Sheep Mode enabled
  • Pre-set weapon availability before game launch
  • Enables use of additional speechbanks

Unfinished or unimplemented features

Ben Hutchings had intended to revise and improve some of the above bug fixes and features, as well as adding additional features and improved compatibility to the game.

  • Add code to make an intelligent decision when setting the three startup options.
  • Add Fast-memory sample playing.
  • Speed up important routines. Some calculations are done using very slow floating point maths which could easily be replaced by integer routines over 10× faster.
  • Fix title screen colours when using SHEEPMODE tooltype.
  • Allow skipping of language/sample set selection.
  • Fix remaining undiscovered bugs.
  • Show a landscape list when you right-click during landscape generation. This feature would go on to be incorporated into the retail versions of Worms 2, Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party.
  • Add a friendly installer for extra custom landscapes and sample sets.
  • Provide the option to run worms in a 31 kHz (VGA-compatible) screen-mode.
  • Allow viewing of the FMVs on the CD when starting Worms from HD.
  • Allow running of CD version with only WormsShell installed on HD.
  • Translate the installer, and possibly even Worms itself, into other languages.


Ben Hutchings uses some, shall we say, "colorful" language to describe Andy Davidson's coding choices in Worms. Consequently, Hutchings' name is a cheat code in WormsDC that does nothing, but displays the message "IS A … ?" on the main menu.

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