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CUCD7 is the name (specifically the volume name) of the seventh cover-mounted CD-ROM that accompanied the February 1997 issue of CU Amiga, a British Amiga magazine. As well as containing the content that the magazine's coverdiscs usually contained, the game included content which were originally intended to expand and enhance WormsDC if the game was executed while the disc was in the CD-ROM drive.

Unfortunately Andy Davidson did not end up incorporating the CD enhancements in the game's retail release, and while he had made assurances that the feature would be added in the upcoming patch, the 1.05 patch disk released (very quietly) by Team17 did not include support for the additional content.

Intended enhancements

CUCD7 includes the following improvements for WormsDC:

While the maps and mountain sets can be easily used by copying the TWMOUNTAIN and TWCUSTOM drawers from the CD to the drawer WormsDC is installed to on your Hard Drive, the FMVs and CD audio unfortunately cannot be used in game. You can view the videos by double-clicking them which will play them using a proprietary player included on the CD, and the CD tracks can be listened to by playing the disc on a CD player or in a media app that can play audio CDs. Just be sure not to play track one as this is the data track and will just sound like someone strangling a robotic cat with an electric accordion.

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