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Zippy is a wormer from the United States who has been in the Worms series starting when he played Worms Armageddon on Playstation in 1999. When he bought Worms World Party for PC in 2003, he became obsessed with the Worms community - including being an active member at BlameThePixel. Although not as famous as most wormers out there, he is still known for his custom maps for Worms World Party and Worms Armageddon.

When Zippy first entered the Wormnet world, he was known as "Duke", but changed his name shortly after; on both Wormnet and BlameThePixel. He developed an experimental program called the "Worms Weapons Database" which can be downloaded here.

Zippy has also made maps with other wormers Split/Spleet and MrrLL.


  • 2005: Zippy's Worms Page



  • 2004-2006?: Contra Clan, led by C1


  • 2004: WormGold Clan. Founded and led by Zippy

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