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Split is a wormer from the United States that first played Worms:Armageddon in 1999. Experiencing the game in the closet of his childhood friend's, he immediately took to liking the game(unknowing at the time of its predecessor(Worms 2) and soon-to-be successor(WWP).


A hiatus between the years 2000 and 2004 led Split to nearly forget entirely of his possession of Worms: Armageddon, until, early in 2004, Zippy, a former classmate of his, entered his life and inspired him to begin playing again. Although the four year gap had left him a newbie to the various gametypes which had before then been unknown to him, Split caught on relatively quickly to the rules and skills required to play.


Split's not-so-short lived association with BlameThePixel is also worthy of note. He joined the site in March 2004 after having heard about it from fellow user Zippy. Soon enough, he became a frequent forum poster and map maker/submitter. There were several collaboration efforts between Zippy and Split in the years to follow; Including, but not limited to the creation of maps, soundbanks, schemes, and missions(WWP). Most of which are now non-existent.

In mid 2008, Split propositioned Bloopy about a name-change on the site. Since the advent of Steam[1], Split had been forced to use a new online alias(Split was taken). Bloopy, after some coercing and annoyances, agreed to set Split's account name to Spleet. Earlier posts by Split can be found under the name, 'split'. To this day, Split still frequents the forums and the ShoutBox under the username 'Spleet' whenever he has some free time(usually at least once per day).

Clan Membership

Active Years

During his three years of constant activity, Split was a member of several clans. The first clan he joined was WormGold, a Worms World Party clan, whose founder was Zippy. After a long stretch under the name xWGxSplit, the clan leader left the World Party scene to play on the updated W:A. Split followed.

Soon after his second coming to W:A, Split joined Worms R' Us, founded and led by StarWorms. He raised the ranks on the clan scoreboard by purposefully replaying with fellow member xSKATEx. After so many games won, Split became the leader in clan WrU(Worms R' Us)'s rankings.

While in WrU, Split was confronted by fellow wormer Zippy and Contra Clan leader C1 about a possible tryout. Split accepted, and after a day of deliberation, became a member of Contra Clan. Through the year 2005, Split had been a member of both WrU and xCx(simultaneously for some time).

Once it was evident that WrU had become defunct, Split settled in as a Contra Clan-only member. xSKATEx also became a member of xCx a short while after WrU's demise.

Present Day

Currently, Split is a member of clan BTP, BlameThePixel's home clan. The level activity of clan BTP members in the Worms universe is unclear.


A momentary resurgence in activity among Split and his cohorts occurred late in 2006, bringing about also, further interest in manipulating gameplay. Zippy and Split became two of a very few that succeeded in playing online with the Fiddler via Hamachi. The use of desktop-recording software ensured there would be recorded evidence of the games played online, however, due to the color palette used by an unpatched Worms: Armageddon, the video was rendered useless by those involved, though the games they played will forever be remembered. After their first few games online with the Fiddler, their interest grew to the point that necessitated custom schemes, that they would trade and play online with. Some even accompanied by custom maps made by the scheme maker.

Not much will be remembered about Split. His maps were mediocre, with only a few receiving praise for originality. He became well known during BlameThePixel's dying years making him one of the last users to frequent the site regularly. His maps can still be found on BlameThePixel and WMDB.


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