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ManiacOfMadness (MoM for short) joined the Worms Community on January 12th 2008.
Later he joined BeW on May 30th, the same year.


MoM is a casual #wormer.
The reason he got into #worms was the WormNet problem he had due to unknown reasons then.
(The problem turned out to be his PC's BIOS).
worMatty, after being told his problem on #help,
suggested going to #worms and report to CyberShadow his problem in detail.
While waiting for CyberShadow to fix his problem,
he started communicating with the others in the channel,
something that resulted to his stay there since then.
He can be found in #worms,
unless his internet is cut for some reason,
or he enjoys his holidays on some internetless place.


You can find him playing almost every scheme except Normal and RubberWorm ones.
For a long time, his favourite scheme was Hysteria,
its reason probably being it the first scheme he ever played online,
thanks to Enty's addiction to it.

Real Life

He can be found either practising on his bass,
or riding shopping carts.

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