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BeW originally started out as a joke while some of the current members were playing GunBound. A guy named BIG joined their room and after a few hours of playing, he really wanted them to join his guild (clan). He hadn't actually had one yet, so DarkOne and FFie started to come up with silly names for him. One of them was "BIG's Elite Warriors" abbreviated as "BEW", a pseudo-spelling of Boo, the ghost from Mario games. After some time, they did rename their own guild to "ⓑⓔⓦ" and also started to use the "BeW" tag in W:A.

Current members

  • Our leader:


Possible meanings

  • Bubbles Everywhere!
  • Blargg's Elite Warriors
  • Barely Ever Worming
  • Barking Eleven Wewfs
  • Bearing Explosive Weaponry
  • Be Eternally Watchful
  • Building Elaborate WFW's
  • Battling Evil Wizards
  • Baggins' Elven Warriors
  • Blast-Ended Worms
  • Bungeeing EveryWhere
  • Bew Entertainingly Wins
  • Beware

Add more if you can think of some!

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