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Some projectiles, like Bazooka shells, spawn a certain distance away from the worm. This is done so the projectile doesn't intersect with the worm on launch. However, this also allows room for some obstacles between the worm and the spawn point. Thus, worms may shoot certain weapons through thin walls when standing next to them.

In Second Generation games

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The maximum thickness of the wall depends on the firing direction. Here are the measurements when shooting in the four orthogonal directions, when standing directly near the wall:

  • Up - 2 pixels
  • Left and right - 6 pixels
  • Down - 5 pixels

A demonstration on YouTube can be found here.

In First Generation games

As the bazooka missile appears to spawn just in front of the bazooka itself, the rule appear to be that if the end of the bazooka meets or touches the edge of the other side of the wall - usually a depth of three pixels - the Bazooka will fire without obstruction.

A similar problem occurs with the Grenade in the MS-DOS, PlayStation, and Sega Saturn versions of Worms. The grenade-throw animation shows the worm headbutting the grenade upwards, but when deployed the Grenade itself launches from just in front of the worm.

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