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The Girder placement glitch is when a girder is placed anywhere, with complete disregard to terrain, worms, and objects that would normally be in the way. Any worm or object that the girder is placed on will fall through the map until it reaches an open area beneath it or falls into the water.

How To Perform The Glitch

Method 1

To perform the glitch, select a target using Homing Missile or Homing Pigeon (but do not fire). Then, select the weapon before girder. Then you need to precisely hit F7 and Space at the same time. (If you are on a Jet Pack, Ninja Rope, Bungee, or Parachute, hit F7 and Enter instead of F7 and Space.)

Method 2

Another method to do it is to choose the weapon before the girder, then jump. While in the air, press F7 and click where you want before you land. Once you land, press spacebar to place it. (prior to pressing spacebar to place it, you can walk and jump around the map like normal) This method can be used to girder-intersect an enemy worm, if you backflip underneath the worm to kick it up into the air and quickly click the girder in the space previously occupied by that worm before it falls back to the ground.

This is the only method which works for Worms2, and girders can only be placed where your worm was standing. If you use this method while falling from a ninja rope, you can rope-knock enemy worms into the place selected for a girder prior to pressing spacebar, pushing them through the terrain. The same is also possible for your worm while on the rope, if you press enter. You can then rope through the landmass the girder will push you into.

A demonstration on YouTube can be found here:

Affected games

This glitch is present in Worms World Party and Worms 2, and has been fixed in the W:A Beta update (after a partially failed attempt at fixing it in 3.5 Beta 1).

Different Methods

Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A demonstration of how the glitch can be done
by the new method and without the rope. With Deadcode.
Download · Info
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A demonstration of how the glitch can be done
using the RubberWorm features: antisink and multishot.
Download · Info

New methods were discovered to do the glich even after the update (that had the glitch fixed). According to Deadcode: "the bug is that the girder checks for collision on the frame it's placed, but it doesn't actually get placed until the next frame. When the girder is clicked into place it doesn't intersect with the worm's sprite mask, but on the next frame, when the girder is actually drawn onto the map, the worm has moved 1 pixel and gets intersected by the girder."

This glitch has been fixed in update.

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