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game with Konar6 and ShadowTheAge
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1rule is a scheme with shopping concept, originated from WWP and invented by LordMushroom. Although it's a conventional gameplay scheme, it is played on same maps as Roper. On the start of the match, players are given their arsenal - infinite Teleports, and the battle may begin.

However, this scheme may be played only with people you know and trust, since it relies on a fair play because of the rule - the only rule is that you can't carry more than 3 weapons of different type at any time, except Teleports, Skip Go and Surrender. You can have 150 Blowtorches and 360 Grenades, for example - that only counts as 2 types.

The scheme features "crateshower" RubberWorm feature, so crates can appear even within a player's turn. The maximum number of crates on the map, "cratelimit", is 6. Due to the shopping concept and limited amount of carried weaponry, 1rule is influenced by crate luck. Players tend to wait for better weapons by repeatedly collecting crates and wasting unwanted weapons.


  • Be on top. Try to camp more on top of the map, rather than down.
  • Since you can't choose which worm to move at the start of your turn, it may be somehow better to have only one strong worm versus two wounded opponent ones.
  • Bang your head against a wall everytime you get a "kamikaze + suicide bomber + blowtorches" trio. :--)
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