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Pigeonicon.png Homing Pigeon
Type: Homing/Animal
Keyboard selection: F1 (×4)
[WDC]: 6 (×1)
Standard effects: Big impact crater, Up to 75 HP damage
Present in: Worms DC, Worms 2, W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Maximum
11 37 hp 73 px
12 52 97
1 60 123
2 67 135
3 75 147
4 82 161
5 90 173
19 97 185
14 112 223
15 150 299

The Homing Pigeon is a bird that flies to its target. It is considered to be somewhat better than the Homing Missile because it has the ability to fly around terrain obstructions instead of straight into them. It launches at a pre-defined speed, one third of maximum power (see also Mortar, Sheep Launcher, and Magic Bullet), and goes to a target selected using the cursor prior to launch. In most cases, it finds its target and hits it. Homing Pigeon can be chosen as a Special Weapon.

Tips and tactics

  • The Homing Pigeon is useful for those homing tasks the homing missile can't take, such as going around objects to reach the target.
  • Can be fired from Ninja Rope, Jet Pack, Parachute and Bungee.
  • As this weapon uses the mouse cursor, it can be used to point something on the map to other players.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • It's easy to think that the Homing Pigeon will complete any task, but it can't. In some cases, the pigeon will have to take a long complex route to reach its target, and will most likely end up with it hitting the terrain, or the wrong worm.
  • In second-generation games, the Homing Pigeon can not swim, unlike the Homing Missile and Patsy's Magic Bullet which can travel underwater.
  • It's kind of unpredictable, so you can't train so much to learn how to handle it.
  • The intelligence of the weapon appears higher in Worms 2 than it does in Worms Armageddon onwards.

Tricks and glitches

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