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Sheeplaunchicon.png Sheep Launcher
Type: Animal
Keyboard selection: F1 (x5)
Standard effects: Big impact crater, Up to 75 HP damage
Present in: W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Maximum
11 37 hp 73 px
12 52 97
1 60 123
2 67 135
3 75 147
4 82 161
5 90 173
19 97 185
14 112 223
15 150 299

The Sheep Launcher is used to let a sheep cross very large gaps or get to places that it couldn't otherwise get to. It replaces the Sheep-on-a-Rope seen in WormsDC and can be chosen as a team weapon.

The launch speed is fixed at half-maximum power (see also Mortar, Pigeon, and Magic Bullet).


Directly from v3.8 ReadMe:

  • After v3.8: "The Sheep Launcher (after being fired) is always detonated by a single press of Space. It can collect crates while staying in launcher mode, and doesn't have to directly hit them to collect them – it can collect one merely by passing by it with sufficient proximity, just like a land-walking sheep or a Super Sheep. It only switches to land-walking sheep mode if it hits the terrain, a worm, or an oildrum."
  • Before v3.8: "If Space was pressed while the launcher was still in mid-air before hitting anything, it would change its sprite to a land-walking sheep (still wearing the helmet), while otherwise behaving virtually identically to how it did while in launcher mode. It would then take an additional press of Space to make it explode. Directly hitting a crate while in launcher mode would automatically change it to a land-walking sheep, just like pressing Space, at which point it would collect the crate. Only after changing to land-walking sheep mode would it be able to collect crates, and only then would it be able to do so by mere proximity."

"In order to allow players' muscle memory to adapt optimally to this change, when W:A v3.8 and later is emulating older game logic versions, a single press of Space by the local player will still immediately detonate the Sheep Launcher (although if it was in launcher mode, the detonation will happen one frame later than it would with v3.8 game logic). However, the behaviours of automatically changing to a land-walking sheep to collect crates, and not being able to collect them by mere proximity in launcher mode, will remain in effect."


  • A sheep fired from the launcher can be fired a very long distance, over half of the size of a standard map. It is very useful for causing large damage to a far away or innacessable worm.
  • As the sheep can be detonated in mid-air during the launch, it can be fired innacurately and detonated when flying close to an enemy.
  • The sheep can be bounced off of walls, however, although it bounces correctly horizontally, it does not bounce correctly vertically (see below). A sheep will not change the direction it is facing during bouncing, so if fired left, it will walk left after landing, even if it is travelling to the right after bouncing against a wall.
  • When fired from a Jetpack, Ninja Rope, Parachute or Bungee, the direction of release will be identical to the direction you are travelling in.
  • Sheep Launcher can be used to collect crates.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • When a launched sheep bounces against a wall, the vertical speed will be reset to 0, meaning that it cannot be bounced in an upwards direction. Also, if a launched sheep touches the ceiling, then all of its speed will be reset to 0, and as a result, it will fall straight downwards.

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