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You can also see the training guide and missions guide from Team17.

This article has a to-do list:
  • add text walkthroughs for remaining missions
  • add more youtube tutorials as they become available
  • add replays

Training Exercises

MissionMedalBronzeBig.png Bronze Medal

To start the missions you need to complete the Bronze training, which includes the following skills tests

Grenade Skills Grade 1

Grenade Skills Grade 1
  1. This exercise requires fuse settings to be used to the fullest.
  2. With whatever the angle of the throw may be just for the 1st ramp target keep fuse setting to one with minimum bounce with a fuse settings of 1-2.
  3. For the second ramp with a decent angle and power keep the fuse settings to 2-3 depending on the throw.

Shotgun Skills

Shotgun Skills
  1. This exercise is based on accurate use of shotgun.
  2. The targets appear in a specific order as shown in the image.
  3. Shoot the targets as they come, the 4th target requires two shots, one to reduce the ramp.

Bazooka Skills Grade 1

Bazooka Skills Grade 1
  1. This exercise requires a lot of practice with the bazooka with respect to wind.
  2. There are two targets 1st one on right 2nd one on left.
  3. For the 1st one use a steep angel with high power and second use a wide angle with low power, while shooting the second one take caution cause it may hit you.

MissionMedalSilverBig.png Silver Medal

To access to mission 13 (Who left the flood-gates open) and above you need to complete the Silver Medal training.

MissionMedalGoldBig.png Gold Medal

To access to mission 24 (Countdown to Armageddon) and above you need to complete the Silver Medal training.

Mission 1 - Pumpkin Problems

Click here for a YouTube tutorial.
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Mission 1
Download · Info
  1. Walk to the right edge of the pumpkin that you start on and fire a ninja rope just below the oil drum. Retract the rope and try to bounce the rope off of the floor until you gain enough speed to move yourself over the oil drum so you can collect the crate containing the Baseball Bat. Walk behind the artillery worm next to you and aim your baseball bat horizontally and fire. The worm will fall into the three mines below, opening a hole down to the vital crate.
  2. Walk to the crate and collect it.

Mission 2 - Operation Market Garden

Operation Market Garden

Use girders to get your worms into positions where they can shoot straight at the enemy, then just go for it.

Sources: Yoda's Pagedlh.net

Mission 3 - All Quiet in the Library

All Quiet in the Library

Chances are you're going to be nuked in this level - you're unlikely to finish it before then. However, that in itself shouldn't be a problem. As suggested, try to get your worms away from the edge before the earthquake (which comes one go after the nuke). If you can (and you don't think the enemy will grab them), leave a health crate or two lying around so you can heal yourself after the nuke strikes.

So long as you're not stupid (ie don't leave worms right near the edge of the landscape, or clustered together), this level should be reasonably easy.

Sources: Yoda's Pagedlh.net

Mission 4 - Cool as Ice

Cool as Ice
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Mission 4
Download · Info
  1. Use a Jetpack to collect the two right-most weapon crates, which contain a Longbow and a Dynamite. Fly back to the polar bear and drop the dynamite to open a hole to reach the enemy.
  2. Use a Parachute to glide down to the enemy (or your second Jetpack if you still have it), and use the Longbow to knock the enemy into the water.

Mission 5 - Do the Locomotion

Click here for a YouTube tutorial.
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Mission 5
Download · Info
  1. Climb up to the tree and firepunch the enemy into the water.
  2. Blowtorch through the tree, and collect the crate (it contains a girder).
  3. Place the girder so that you can use it as a ladder to climb to the top of the train.
  4. Trigger the mine then quickly jump away to avoid harm. The climb down the other side of the train, using the bungee where necessary, and collect the utility crate (it contains a jetpack). Use it to collect the weapons crate on the far right of the map.

Mission 6 - Sand in Your Eye

Sand in Your Eye

This one's pretty easy, really... just get to the top of the pyramid with one of your worms fairly early on, and keep plugging away... Don't forget that you have worm select on this round - it can make all the difference! (For instance, the first go is best taken with the worm on the right, on the tree.)

Sources: Yoda's Pagedlh.net

Mission 7 - Not Mushroom Out There...

Not Mushroom Out There...
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Mission 7
Download · Info
  1. Attach the ninja rope to the very edge of the mushroom, and swing your worm over on top of the mushroom. This may take a bit of practice. If you are struggling, you can build up extra speed by retracting the rope by holding up. Collect the crate, and use the Girder Starter Pack to build a walkway over the minefield. Stay on the first mushroom, so that Sentry can't shoot you.
  2. Use the walkway to collect the crate just to the right of the minefield, then teleport to the flashing crate on the far right.

Mission 8 - Big Shot

Big Shot

Note: The briefing text indicates that the mission involves one Worm with an unlimited supply of shotgun bullets is incorrect. The actual ordnance for the mission is:

3× Handgun, 2× Uzi, 2× Longbow, 3× Girder, Unlimited Blowtorch.[1]

Firstly, ignore the briefing - you don't have an unlimited supply of shotgun ammo. In fact, you don't have a shotgun at all. You do have an infinite blowtorch, however.

There are no hard-and-fast rules for doing this one - you have to play it by ear. However, here are a few guidelines:

  • On your first go, you can set off the nearby mine with the ninja rope without doing yourself any damage. This should hurt Guard a little. Similarly, you can clear the mine on the far left, as the ninja rope has infinite repeat swings.
  • Although the enemy can select which worm they use, they can only select amongst one team - this sometimes means you can stand right by one worm, knowing that it can't take the next turn.
  • Cannon Fodder (the team with the worms called Sentry) has the first enemy go.
  • If a team can't attack you, it may well have a go at the other team. They can do a fair bit of damage to each other while you're busy collecting the crates on the far left.
  • Blowtorches can do reasonable damage - I did 45 damage in one turn in this level.
  • You have some girders - use them!
  • An old woman launched from the top of the highest leaf can easily kill the worm on the mushroom.
  • Sudden death can be a pain in the neck or a blessing... just bear it in mind as it comes quite quickly.

Sources: Yoda's Page dlh.net

Mission 9 - Water Surprise

Click here for a YouTube tutorial.
  1. Stand on your other worm's head and fire the first arrow to the right, horizontally. Fire your second arrow at the highest mine. The best way to ensure a hit is to use the greatest possible firing angle and adjust the position of your worm until you get it right. The mine will bounce off and land at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. You will need to retreat to the right a little bit to avoid triggering the mine.
  2. Without moving your worm, fire an arrow upwards with the maximum angle. Use your second arrow to shoot the remaining mine. The best way to ensure hitting it is to position your worm at the bottom of the pyramid's slope, and fire an arrow up with maximum angle. The mine will hit you, but this is unavoidable.
  3. Move to the bottom of the pyramid's slope and fire both arrows upwards with maximum angle.
  4. Climb the tower using backflips, then place a long girder so that you can reach the crate.
  5. Collect the crate and use the aquasheep to kill General. The aquasheep can be flown underwater.

An alternate strategy which is self explanatory:

Water Suprise walktrough.jpg

Mission 10 - Jurassic Worm

Click here for a YouTube tutorial.
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Mission 10
Download · Info
  1. Use your Ninja rope to collect the crate containing Mole Bombs on top of the dinosaur's head. Release a mole bomb to the right, and make it start digging when it walks over the first mine.
  2. Use another Ninja rope to get your next worm on top of the dinosaur, and set off the first mine. This should knock another mine down the hole and into the enemy worm. If it gets stuck inside the tunnel, you can use an Uzi to knock it down the tunnel, or otherwise use your remaining worms to kill the opponent worm.

Mission 11 - Chemical Warfare

Chemical Warfare

This level is fairly straightforward when you get the hang of it. You should poison all the worms you can't reach (as the landscape's indestructible) as soon as you have the skunk. (Until then, use any infinite weapons you have such as the firepunch and uzi to do damage. The worm in the bottom right corner is ripe for a kicking as soon as possible.)

When the poisoned worms have lost all but one point of energy each, start using the shotgun on them carefully. Following these rules, you should have no problems, although it's worth getting under cover, as the enemy will be using plenty of airstrikes.

Sources: Yoda's Pagedlh.net

Mission 12 - No Substitute

No Substitute

Mission 13 - Who left the flood-gates open?

Who Left the Flood-Gates Open

Mission 14 - Super Sheep to the Rescue!

Super Sheep to the Rescue!

Mission 15 - Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff

Mission 16 - Trouble on Mount Wormore

Trouble on Mount Wormore

Mission 17 - Chateau Assassin

Chateau Assassin

Mission 18 - Rescue Agent Dennis

Click here for a YouTube tutorial.

See also:

Mission 19 - Horny Nuke

Horny Nuke

Mission 20 - Rumble in the Farmyard

Rumble in the Farmyard

Mission 21 - Wooden Ambush

Wooden Ambush

Mission 22 - Go Bananas

Click here for a YouTube tutorial.

Mission 23 - The Drop Zone

The Drop Zone

Mission 24 - Countdown to Armageddon

Countdown to Armageddon

Mission 25 - Mars Star

Mars Star

Mission 26 - Mad Cows

Mad Cows

Mission 27 - Bazooka on the Rocks

Bazooka on the Rocks

Mission 28 - Stolen Goods

Stolen Goods

Mission 29 - Sinking Icecap

Sinking Icecap

Mission 30 - Aim Long, Aim True

Click here for a YouTube tutorial.

Mission 31 - Goody Two-Shoes

Goody Two-Shoes

Mission 32 - Trouble in the Toy Store

Trouble in the Toy Store

Mission 33 - Spectral Recovery

Click here for a YouTube tutorial.

  1. This message is from WA v3.0 patch info file (patchinfo.rtf).
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