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(Up to People)

Crazy started playing Worms online in 2001 on the World Party. He first started playing under the nick RRcRaZy, as he was really crazy for roperacing, but he later changed his nick to Crazy. He moved over to WA the next year, where he joined The Deadly Clan. In 2003 he joined KTC on WWP. Crazy has only been in two clans on WA: TdC from 2002–2007 and SiX from 2007–2009. Crazy went back to his roots as he joined TdC again in the beginning of 2009.

Achievements over the years:

  • Played his first final of a tournament in a WL Roper tournament hosted by IBB in 2002, where he lost to Volcom.
  • Promoted to div1 in CL2K in 2002
  • Won the KTC Championship in 2003
  • Several achievements with TDC in clan ladders over the years
  • Bronze medal in the overall Winter Olympics of 2004
  • Won several RRKit tournaments during 2004 and 2005. Continuously fighting in the top-3 against players such as Flowingwater and Mablak, but went inactive in 2005, and thereby dropped on rankings
  • Ended on 2nd place both in clanner (SiX) and single ladder of the XTC league in 2008 (one of the seasons)
  • Won the price for best Sportmanship at TUS Awards in 2011. He was also voted the 3rd coolest Wormer, and TdC was voted the coolest clan.
  • Crazy tried helping out at TUS handling league complaints in late 2010, but quickly stepped down as he was not up for the job.

Status: Active

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