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The Deadly Clan (TdC) was made by Rash,Fada (zippeurfou) and Greendevil the 5th of June 2002. The clan has had its inactive periods over the years, but has always been a part of the community. TdC has not been very active in the leagues the past few years, but the close friendship among the members has kept the clan alive in some sort of way. The clan is currently active, and competing in the clan ladder at TUS. The main goal for the clan is to have as much fun as possible!

Their website:

Forum (active):

It is interesting to note that Greendevil left TdC and the worms world without a notice.

Here is a timeline history with missing part written by Crazy:

2002: - 06/06/02: TdC is created by Fada, Rash and GreenDevil. - 16/10/02: Anubis leaves TdC (ironically the first news I could find). - 16/10/02: SoniC joins. - 20/10/02: TdC is recruiting again. - 20/10/02: Delta leaves TdC. Delta starts a new clan, Volrin goes inactive. - 26/10/02: Detonator leaves TdC.

- Deano can't play as his CD-ROM driver is "kurupt".

Memberlist: Guy, Fada, GreenDevil, deano, rash/teubber, anubis, SoniC, Detonator, shimon, alex, delta, volrin.

Info: Difficult for me to sum up as I was not a part of TdC in 2002. Anubis is clan-hopping like usually, with his boyfriend Deano coming right after him. The clan made it to the WWPCL playoff-final in September, where the opponent was FLU (Fat Lumberjacks United). FLU was chosen as the winner because the games were not finished in time. Not easy to say if TdC made any other achievements, but it was still a fairly young clan.

2003: - 18/01/03: TdC is officially a W:A clan. Leader for TdC (WA) is shimon. - 31/03/03: Mre, DoR, theredi, dark, noam, Dirtworm and Daniel joins. 25 members in total, 15 on WWP and 10 on WA. - 01/08/03: Arkan, Ryno, Snake, Crazy, Morgoth and Ichiban joins. Dismember leaves the clan and fada is really upset. - 08/09/03: DoR claims WWP is dead - 10/11/03: DoR is booted from TdC by the leaders. Dor claims he owns everyone in TdC and is warning the rest of Wormnet about TdC's behaviour. - 18/11/03: 18 members in total, 12 on WWP and 15 on WA. - XX/XX/XX: Sir MteaM joins.

Memberlist: muU, Guy, Fada, rash, DoR, AleX, Mre, dark, noam, theredi, dirtworm, Daniel, Crazy, Arkan, Ryno, Snake, Ichiban, shimon, MteaM, Morgoth.

Info: TdC becomes a WA clan as well as a WWP clan. Throughout the year, it is clear that TdC slowly progresses from a WWP clan to WA clan. Loses in WCL playoffs in January 2003. TdC is ready for final in WCL playoffs in June, and becomes runner-up behind lp. The first RRp to join TdC is Ryno.

2004: - 30/01/04: Fada announces a new member: himself. - 01/02/04: Blackout, BackWash and Hurley joins. - 02/02/04: 22 members in total, 13 on WWP and 18 on WA. - 09/04/04: CRaSH (Brazil) joins. - 17/04/04: Hyunkel and Scab joins. - 30/05/04: Agneau, Ren, Solar and Glady joins. - 06/06/04: 27 members in total, 14 on WWP and 22 on WA.

Memberlist: Pretty much the same as in 2005.

Info: Fill in.

2005: - 15/05/05: Site is dead, forum is active. - 21/08/05: Aragorn and Zyco joins TdC. - 21/08/05: Current active members: aragorn, alex, green, vercetti, rash, zyco and fada. - 31/10/05: Hurley rejoins TdC. Monk and Mini are making a new site for TdC.

Memberlist: Agneau, Alex, anzas, Aspin, Aragorn, Green, muU, Naiad, Vercetti, Volrin, BackWash, Crash, Crazy, Fada, Gand, Glady, Guy, Hyunkel, Morgoth, Mini, Noam, Ren, shimon, Solar, Teubber, Zyco.

Info: The clan was pretty inactive throughout the year I believe.

2006: - 07/03/06: Nano requests to join TdC, but is denied due to lack of skills in default schemes. - 29/04/06: Alias and Fnatic requests to join. Alias joins TRX before TdC has time to give him yes/no. - 04/05/06: Breeze joins. - 17/05/06: Mr Kit request to join, but fails on the tryout. Many other tryout requests: HurleY, sm0Le, Vodka and Fnatic. - 03/06/06: Hurley joins TdC. - 05/06/06: TdC is making a movie. To this date (07.06.12) we are still working on the movie. - 25/06/06: LordHound leaves TdC. - 28/06/06: HYPD requests to join. - 09/07/06: HYPD is denied to join. - 15/07/06: TdC merge with the friendly clan DmB. DmB keeps flag/site/forum, but all clanners are played under TdC. - 30/08/06: Forza leaves TdC. Alex is back active to Worms. - 31/08/06: muU rejoins TdC after remaking bS.

Memberlist: Rash, fada, agneau, Aragorn, breeze, Bunkz0, Crazy, Forza, Glady, Guy, hurley, LordHound, lyte, Mini, muU, Morgoth, Noam, shimon, zyco

Info: TdC turns active again after a long period with some inactivity. TdC qualified for the playoffs in February 2006. Lost 3-0 to SiX in the end, who won that season. Also qualified for playoffs in March, not sure how it went.

2007: - 01/01/07: TdC is inactive again. Still active at forum. - 01/02/07: Mini and Aragorn make some refreshment at the site. 7 members active again on Wormnet, TdC is playing clanners again. - 10/02/07: Theredi comes back to TdC after 3 years of inactivity. - 02/03/07: LordHound rejoins TdC again. - 06/05/07: Crazy and Mini leaves TdC. Ant joins TdC, and Papa is back active. - 07/05/07: Papa, Aragorn, Guy, Agneau are all active. Rash will be active when he finish his job (xDDDD). - 06/06/07: Thefudo, RoX, syztem and DoR joins TdC. - 17/06/07: Hollowen and Leroy joins TdC. TdC is finally getting active again. - 16/08/07: Husk and RaiZ wants to join. - 17/08/07: Husk joins TdC. Holloween leaves TdC - he was never seen online. - 18/08/07: Nano requests to join TdC. Syztem leaves TdC - he was never seen online. - 12/09/07: Luzah wants to join TdC. Does not make it as he lacks skill in default schemes. - 05/10/07: oi joins TdC. - 16/10/07: Nivman joins TdC. - 19/10/07: Yanme joins TdC. - 28/10/07: Nivman leaves TdC after only 10 days. This is the second time nivman leaves TdC without a notice. - 07/11/07: LordHound leaves TdC for the 2nd time. He is still welcome back to the clan if he wants too. - 07/12/07: Leroy leaves TdC. Husk became inactive.

Memberlist: Rash, fada, angeau, anT, Alex, Aragorn, Bunkz0, DoR, Gl2eEn, Glady, Guy, Husk, LordHound, lyte, Leroy, Morgoth, mUu, nano, noam, oi, papa, shimon, theredi, thefudo, RaiiZ, RoX, yanme, zyco.

Info: A year with big changes in the squad. Papa returns to the game and helps out Fada and Rash to get TdC more active with recruiting.

2008: - 07/01/08: Lyte returns to Worms and TdC. - 07/01/08: Sl8 requests to join but does not make the tryout. - 19/04/08: TdC is inactive in league, still active on the forums. - 29/04/08: Kekko joins TdC.

Memberlist: Rash, fada, agneau, Aragorn, DoR, gand, lyte, kekk0, Marley, Morgoth, oi, RaiiZ, RoX, thefudo, theredi, yanme.

Info: Hm?

2009: - 01/02/09: TdC is in an inactive period. Husk, nano and yanme are the only active members. TdC are recruiting new members again. - 07/06/09: Crazy rejoins TdC. Husk leaves due to inactivity from TdC. - 09/11/09: Toxic joins TdC. - 11/11/09: Thedogg joins TdC. - 13/11/09: godito and spaazi joins TdC. - 02/12/09: NinjaCamel joins TdC. - 15/12/09: fr3 joins TdC. - 17/11/09: Zippo joins TdC. Fada thinks it is Anubis that has joined xD - 18/12/09: Zippo leaves TdC.

Memberlist: Rash, fada, Husk, nano, yanme, Toxiv, thedogg, godito, NinjaCamel, Crazy, fr3, Zippo.


- 17/11/09: Zippo joins TdC.

2010: - 19/01/10: Thedogg leaves TdC due to inactivity from TdC. - 25/01/10: Godito leaves TdC. - 02/02/10: vvvUKaaa requests to join. Has a tryout, but does not make it. Reason: needs to improve rope skills. - 11/02/10: HHC joins TdC. - 05/03/10: Nivman wants to join. Did he join? I'm not really sure, he's been in and out so many times. - 18/03/10: Strike requests to join. Denied after he asked several other clans as well. - 19/03/10: Maciej wants to join. Did not make it through after poll. - 24/03/10: snoop joins TdC. - 27/03/10: Pitchblack joines TdC. - 12/04/10: Doubletime wants to join. His reason behind joining: the clan is dying and DT wants to save us from drying up. Doubletime does not make it because members of TdC think he is mentally to unreliable. - 16/04/10: am0kz joins TdC. - 21/04/10: MsC wants to join, but doesn't make it. - 16/05/10: jelGo wants to join, but doesn't make it. TdC has full squad and can't let more members join. - 25/05/10: Abnaxus wants to join, but doesn't make it. TdC has full squad. - 20/09/10: Husk joins TdC again. - 30/09/10: SnipeR joins Tdc (biggest mistake ever ) - 30/09/10: NoWormNoCry wants to join, but doesn't make it into the clan. - 01/10/10: Gengar/Ghost wants to join, but doesn't make it into the clan. - 29/10/10: Gengar wants to join again. - 14/10/10: sm0le wants to join, but doesn't make it into the clan. - 08/11/10: SnipeR leaves TdC.

Memberlist: Fada, rash, HHC, Crazy, ninjacamel, kekk0, Toxic, theredi, snoop, pitchblack, am0kz, Husk, Sniper+++

Info: TdC was really "in the wind" this year and the tryout forum was never quiet. Some players had a very short stay in the clan, and with hindsight there were a few recruits that was not so good. TdC needed a new base of players, and luckily Husk returned to the clan. HHC was also ofcourse a great player go get into the clan.

2011: - 05/02/11: Maciej and Chelsea wants to join as a duo/package. Same package was offered to mm and CKC. - 09/03/11: Kekk0 leaves TdC. - 13/03/11: Darkone request to join TdC. - 13/03/11: DarkOne joins TdC. - 06/04/11: Unique joins TdC. - 20/04/11: Dead request to join TdC. - 21/04/11: Dead joins TdC. - 02/05/11: Kekk0 rejoins TdC. - 03/05/11: Midnight request to join TdC, but is denied as he ask several other clans at the same time. - 10/06/11: StJimmy request to join TdC. StJimmy does not make it as not many members know him very well. - 18/07:11: Ryan joins TdC. - 16/09/11: Wolfgang requests to join TdC. - 19/09/11: Wolfgang joins TdC. - 21/09/11: Sebha joins TdC. - 26/09/11: philie is drunk and wants to join TdC. TdC has full squad for the moment. - 10/10/11: AsbestMisha request to join TdC. TdC has full squad and don't accept more members. - 11/10/11: Pastorcito reques to join. Was not let in as he told some TdC members to go fuck themselves - 14/12/11: Toxic leaves TdC. - 15/12/11: Peja joins TdC.

Memberlist: Rash, fada, HHC, Ninjacamel, Spaazi, theredi, Crazy, Ryan, Husk, DarkOne, Peja, Toxic, Wolfgang, Sebha, Dead, kekk0, Unique.

Info: TdC is lucky and makes some really good transfers on the South-American market in terms of Dead and Wolfgang. The clan also manages to bring in one of the most powerful members from the darkside in DarkOne. Christmas comes early when Peja joins the clan the 15th of December, a nice present for everyone (especially me) in TdC to open

2012: - 10/01/12: Spaazi leaves TUS and Worms. Still member of TdC. - 28/02/12: Turko joins TdC. - 11/03/12: Sir-J request a tryout. Does not make it as not many members know him, and strong rumours about Sir-J being Statik - 12/03/12: RaChACuCa wants to join. Impossible helps out at tryout-section and peja gets furious! - 18/04/12: koziol request to join. Poll is created for koziol. rash: result is negative. - 15/05/12: r3spect wants to join. After long discussion, final result is a no at this time. - 22/05/12: Berria request to join. - 27/05/12: Berria joins TdC. - XX/05/12: Husk leaves TdC to join BaK. An innocent joke ending up in a very unfortunate situation.

Memberlist: TUS.


Well, it is not easy to sum up ten years. TdC's had, from my counting, around 99 members in total, but probably more. These members come and go like everything else in life. Only two members stayed active and loyal through all the years: Rash and Fada. This is also probably why TdC as a clan is still here. I belive we have a quite unique friendship in our clan in some sort of way: there's never been a week of silence on any of the forums we've had.

What have we achieved? We are certainly not one of the most successful clans on Worms. Even new clans created here on TUS have won more medals then what we have to show for. We've had hell of a lot of fun though, and we still do. TdC has been participating in 7 or 8 different leagues since the very first clanner, and enjoyed playing against most of the best clans ever existed. I personally believe and hope TUS will be the last league. We are not fighting in top of the league anno 2012, but we still play our part in keeping the clan ladder active.

We have a very nice balance of experience and fresh blood in the clan right now, and last word is certainly not written

All-time memberlist: Alex, agneau, am0kz, anT, Anubis, anzas, Aragorn, arkan, aspin, backwash, Berria, blackout, breeze, bunkz0, chupika, crash, Crazy, daniel, dark, DarkOne, Dead, delta, deano, Devh, detonator, DiD, dismember, dirtworm, DoR, Fada, Flamie, Flex, Forza, fr3, gand, Glady, Godito, Green, GreenDevil, Guy, HHC, Husk, Hollowen, hurley, hyunkel, ichiban, kekk0, Leroy, lordhound, lyte, Marley, melao, moose, monk, morgoth, mini, muU, mteam, mre, naiad, nano, ninjacamel, nivman, noam, oldsock, oi, papa, peja, pitchblack, rash, raiZ, Ren, rox, Ryan, Ryno, scab, sebha, shimon, snake, sniper, snoop, solar, sonic, spaazi, syztem, Tenor, thedogg, thefudo, theredi, Toxic, Turko, UleaD, Unique, vercetti, volrin, Wolfgang, yanme, zippo, zyco.

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