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Started playing with Worms World Party in cca. 2003, but it took him around 2 years to go online - talk about a slow progression. After that, he became interested in roping games, such as Proper, Shopper and WxW, but he was happy to play other games too (except normal, yuck!!) - also, he mastered probably all known WWP glitches.

Time passed, and no major breakthrough happened until 2007, when a sunny late August day (actually, it was a dark early September night (Edit (2012.08.28.): It actually might have been 2008 January, my memories were fuzzy of that time, but I managed to find some logs and replays)) he got Armageddon, and been there ever since, not returning to WWP even to play a wonderful game of SuperSheep-Glitch. With his friends, Baloo and TMate, by his side, he continues to play under the flag of the clan UT.

His favorite schemes are WxW (w3w and up), Boom Race and Hysteria. He does not like Intermediate (Does too!), BnG, Team17 (Does too!) and Elite.

Then he realized the beauty in most of the schemes. He's willing to play most of them, except Elite. There always has to be an exception.

He mostly uses his signature team called Paródia with the color green, and a custom made soundbank.

His "official" nickname in UT is SpecB, but as he played as Balee for a long while before UT became a worms clan, he kept his nickname to avoid confusion.

Also it is not widely known, but he has a team for every color! :O

He also organized Worms Scheme Contest 2010, and intends to spice the idea up for 2013 or 2014.

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