Sniper Rifle

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Scope.png Sniper Rifle
Type: Firearm
Keyboard selection: N/A
Standard effects: 35hp injury per hit (max.)
Present in: None

The Sniper Rifle functions similar to the Handgun, Uzi, Shotgun, Minigun and Longbow. Like the Shotgun, a worm gets two shots with the Sniper Rifle. Once a worm fires the Sniper once, that worm must fire the second shot or wait for the turn time to run out, as that worm will not be able to change weapons after that first shot.

All other firearms have a crosshair that appears a short distance ahead of where a worm is aiming, the Sniper Rifle however, has a crosshair that will appear the same way, but can be an infinite distance away from the worm, and will show up right against where the worm is aiming.

Think of the Sniper Rifle's crosshair as an invisible laser that shoots forward out of the Sniper indefinitely, but ends at whatever it hits (being landscape, a worm, an object, etc) and the crosshair is on the very end of that "laser".


  • With this weapon, worms can make accurate shots from the largest distances possible.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • The Laser Sight utility can be used on the Sniper, but would be pointless as the weapon can adjust pinpoint aiming all by itself.
  • The time between this weapon's two shots are longer than that of the Shotgun's, making it harder to pull off both shots when turn time is about to run out.
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