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Player from Germany, whose uncreative nickname stems from his actual given IRL first name "Kevin" and his favorite number 4. The 0 resulted from Kevin4 already being taken when the name was first created for a German gaming forum in 2002, the first online alias he used on the Web. He has always kept it, even though it's a really bad name.

Generally not a competitive player in the sense of playing in actual competitions. Only participated a bit in TCB (if that counts), a couple of WO tourneys in 2008, some very rare clan and even rarer league activities. Overall, it's pretty much fun matches only for him, but in a very wide variety of schemes.


Started sometime in 2003 with WWP, switched over to WA sometime in 2006. Stopped playing in 2011. Only some occasional private matches since then, but got back into WA in 2022. To be continued.

WWP clans

  • DX (Dark Xenon): Joined in December 2004 at the earliest, left sometime before May 2005
  • Rl (Ropelords): Founded in May 2005 and officially opened on May 25th. Shutdown sometime after August 29th, 2005. Reopened on May 2nd, 2006. Shutdown again sometime before switching to WA.

WA clans

  • qL (cool): Joined 2007-04-26, left sometime between 2007-08-19 and 2007-09-04
  • sK (Serious Kickers): Joined 2007-09-27, dropped tag on 2008-07-11 and been officially kicked on 2008-07-24 over a dispute of replay sharing for video making
  • dP (Destroyers of Power): Joined 2008-08-13

Also wore the nlF (No Limit Freestyle) label from 2007-09-29 to 2009-01-26.

Some stuff he's done

Was an active map maker in WWP, primarily for WxW. Most of the maps are on TUS, some are unreleased but may be added in the future (not that they'd be worth it). His w3w l 03 was the first to adopt the arguably most popular WxW layout.

Created the compilation video A Worms Movie, featuring clips from him and friends.

Used to work on a project he called "Worms Map Archive", for which he scoured the web and requested SavedLevels folders of people he played with. Did this for several years and tried to organize everything by folders, which resulted in an extensive collection of BIT maps in particular. The data is still there and safe, but has never really been made publicly available, as his interest in Worms faded before the project was considered to be in a state ready for release. The maps will hopefully be made available via TUS sometime, or at least dumped so anyone interested can look for gems or shit nuggets in there.


Feel free to message at any time if something's up, even when he's currently not an active Worms community member.

  • E-Mail: Not public, although it is probably out there somewhere - use the wiki form for that, see below
  • IRC: Not used for Worms related chans, but he's usually on as Kevin04
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