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An example game with Run and Noodles.
Length: 00:14:39
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Dabble & Fidget:
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Most random maps play well, whether island or cavern.
4-6. Fiddle with this setting to find your desired match style.

Dabble & Fidget, or just Dabble, consists mainly of the weakest available weapons, lacking even the Bazooka and the Grenade. One of the most powerful weapons is the Shotgun, and even that, in its limited quantities, is not available for the first few turns. Similarly, the health of the worms is also set to a low starting value, at just 35hp.

Like the Team17 scheme, Dabble is played with Sudden Death in mind. Health crates are spawned regularly throughout the game, but Sudden Death strips all worms down to a single point, removing any incentive to stockpile health and encouraging players to keep alive as many of their worms as possible.

Instead, health crates become useful after Sudden Death has already struck, as players can attempt to build up their health again. However, since health crates stop arriving after Sudden Death, players can only make use of those already on the map (up to a maximum of five may be present). Consequently, players will often try to protect health crates, preserving them for Sudden Death and then collecting them to gain some modest protection from the scheme's weak weapons. The Scales of Justice, however, allows a player to steal hard-earned health. This formula can lead to some interesting territorial games.

Dabble has one rule:

  • All players may do absolutely anything within the game to win and/or have fun. This means that any players attempting to tell another player that they're not allowed to do something are breaking the game's sole rule and should not be played with because they don't understand the idea of mixing skill, strategy, attention to detail, and fun.


The Dabble & Fidget scheme was created by Lex in early 2006.

The scheme has featured in some competitions, appearing in the Worm Olympics between 2011 to 2013, and in a cup and tournament hosted on The Ultimate Site between in 2011.

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