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This WormKit module is not compatible with the latest W:A update (3.8.1).

Moreover, this module has become obsolete, as several or all of its features are included in the latest update.

Developer: Pisto
Supported games: W:A
Supported W:A version:
Language: C++
License: closed-source
Download: [1]

This Wormkit module contains a work-around to avoid the jetpack bug in teststuff and battyrope of versions up to (that is, game freezes if you don't detach the jetpack before the end of the turn). It enables itself when either teststuff5, teststuff3 or battyrope versions are enabled.

The module just detaches the jetpack when the turn ends. For an oversight in the code, the behaviour of a worm flying in mid-air is the same as a roping worm, when the turn ends: it can land correctly if its vertical speed is not too high. The correct behaviour would be that the worm starts rolling, and so can never land properly, without slipping.

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