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Worms Scheme Database
WSDB schemes page
WSDB schemes page
Link: https://wsdb.fullwormage.com/

Worms Scheme Database (more commonly known as WSDB in worms terminology) is a website for uploading and downloading schemes very useful for those who use HostingBuddy to host. Non-standard settings are fixed when uploaded.

  • Schemes are numbered without names or other metadata (e.g. tags, comments) because it avoids problems with:
    • Disputes over what scheme X should be (you wouldn't be able to search for the "correct" one as anyone could upload their own version with the same name)
    • Moderation of names/tags/comments
  • Schemes are immutable - the ID will always return the same scheme file
    • The scheme file will also always return the same ID when upload (you can re-upload it if you forget what its ID is)

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