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Worms icon (Amiga)  Worms
Worms title screen on Amiga
Developer: Team17/Andy Davidson
Maintainer: None
Publishers: Ocean Software (1995-'97, all platforms)
The Hit Squad (1996, Amiga)
Guildhall Leisure (1997, Amiga)
EuroPress (?)
MicroProse (1996-'97)
Sold-Out Software (2002-'08)
Team17 (2011-present, PC digital)
Release date: 30 October 1995
Latest version: ?
Website: [1]
Buy: Steam

Worms is a strategy game developed by UK-based company, Team17. It was the company's first release across multiple formats, having been released for practically every prevalent platform at the time.

The Amiga version is often mistaken for Worms: The Director's Cut, due to a subtitle added to the main menu by programmer Andy Davidson.

In 1996 an expansion called Worms Reinforcements was released for the PC MS-DOS version of the game, and they were later released together on one CD as Worms and Reinforcements: United, also referred to simple as Worms United.

On 19 October 2011, the MS-DOS CD-ROM version of Worms was released on Steam. In January 2012 the game was made available on GOG.com. Both versions are based on Worms United (though only the GOG.com release is listed as such) and include an emulator to allow the game to run on modern Windows-based PCs.


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