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Worms United
Worms United title screen
Developer: Team17
Maintainer: None
Publishers: Ocean Software (1996)
MicroProse (1996)
Hasbro (1998-'99)
Sold-Out Software (2003-'08)
Team17 (2011-present, PC digital)
Release date: 1996
Latest version: ?
Website: [1]
Buy: Steam

Worms and Reinforcements: United - often shortened by some re-releases and by the community as Worms United - is a compilation release containing the original PC MS-DOS version of Worms with all of the features and additional content of Worms Reinforcements included.

The only key differences between the Worms United release and someone who has installed Worms Reinforcements onto the base game is the HUD - Worms United retains the original HUD from Worms, as opposed to the more battle-damaged HUD seen in a standard Worms Reinforcements install. The CD-ROM for Worms United also does not include some custom soundbanks that can be found on the CD-ROM for Worms Reinforcements, largely due to the fact that those soundbanks include third-party copyrighted material from movies and TV shows.

Worms United is available on GOG.com, and on Steam (where it is sold simply as "Worms").

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