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Worms icon (Amiga)  Oh Yes... More Worms!
Boxart for "Oh Yes... More Worms!
Publishers: Blittersoft
Platform: Amiga
Release year: 1996
Buy: No longer in print

Oh Yes... More Worms! is an unofficial expansion CD for the Amiga and Amiga CD32 versions of Worms. The CD contains over 5,000 colour maps and a selection of replacement soundbanks, as well as a demo of the game itself.

As the Amiga and CD32 versions of Worms only support a maximum of 26 custom maps the player is required to go through the CD and select the maps they wish to include in the rotation. Additionally, the game does not officially support custom soundbanks - the user must replace either the English, French or German soundbank that comes with the game. If the game is being booted from floppy disk, this can be circumvented by placing the soundbank on a floppy disk named "TW2" in a folder called "TWENGLISH", then selecting the English soundbank during startup and inserting the new disk instead of Disk 2.

Unlike the official expansion, Worms Reinforcements for the MS-DOS version, Oh Yes... More Worms! does not patch or otherwise adjust the game code itself. Despite the front cover including a "Vol. 1" label, no further volumes were ever released.

All of the content in this expansion is compatible with Worms: The Director's Cut.

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