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Mine Runner:
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Rope Race, Tower Race, Tower
Five worm per team

Mine Runner is a rope-based race scheme.

This scheme includes 255 mines and available weapons are infinite low gravity, bananas and teleport.


  • Reach the spot labelled Finish, F, End, E, any other variatons of those words, or a spot that is obviously the end of the map with one worm in the shortest time possible.

Standard rules

  • Players start by placing their worms on the spot labelled Start, S, Begin, or any other variation of those words.
  • Players are not allowed to Kill others.
  • Players are allowed to teleport to the last touched place they were if they die accidently, or after a really big fall.
  • Players are not allowed to teleport anywhere else.
  • Players must take the path intended to be taken by the author of the map. This usually means that they must: follow any arrows pointing which direction to go, stay outside the map boundaries as short a distance as possible, and if there are no arrows directing a turn at a crossing path, go straight without changing direction. If there are no apparent rules, players must use their common logic to determine the correct path.


This scheme was invented by ShAdOwFoRc3, probably in 2008 (the oldest upload date of his two Blame The Pixel uploads).

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