RopeRacing for Dummies

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RopeRacing for Dummies
RR for Dummies site logo
RR for Dummies site logo
Creator: DarkOne
Creation date: 2001

RopeRacing for Dummies is a tutorial for the rope race scheme. It was made by DarkOne in a response to people continually making basic errors in roperaces, specifically crossroads. Initially, it started out as a little joke, but due to positive responses, it grew out to a full-fledged tutorial, dealing with techniques of roperacing as well as general tips. In 2003, DarkOne decided to clean up the site somewhat (and erase the horror that is yahoo pagebuilder from the site), which is the version that is online right now.

A few sites temporarily had the pages of this tutorial online, including the RRp site (now offline) and Anubis' short-lived WAland (also offline), but it was still online only at its original geocities site.

Present status

Due to Geocities discontinuing its services, the site went offline, though CyberShadow's kindness has breathed new life into it.

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