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Depending on some circunstances, baseball bat can hit through the terrain. Click on this gif to see its history (the "Gifstory").
Baseballbaticon.png Baseball Bat
Type: Close Combat
Keyboard selection: F7 (x4)
[WDC] 8 (x2)
Standard effects: 30hp injury; propels worm over great distance
Present in: Worms DC, Worms 2, W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Maximum
11 15 hp
12 21
1 24
2 27
3 30
4 33
5 36
19 39
14 45
15 60
For more power settings, see the Detailed Weapon Settings article.
Depending on some circunstances, baseball bat can fail to hit through the terrain

The Baseball Bat is a zero-range weapon which can propel the victim over a great distance. It does 30 damage by itself, but is generally used when a kill can be made by batting the enemy into the water.

The angle you can fire the Baseball Bat at is restricted from horizontal to about 75 degrees upwards.

Introduced in WormsDC as a special weapon that could only be found in crates, the Baseball bat could be aimed in any direction. It was "promoted" to a standard weapon from Worms 2 onwards and had its range limited.


  • To achieve the greatest distance, the Baseball Bat should be used at 45 degrees. You can set this angle easily by selecting Kamikaze.
  • Because the Baseball Bat moves worms at a high velocity, you can smack a worm into a wall and he will bounce a fair distance in the opposite direction. This can allow you to move worms out of tight spots and into a worse position.
  • The distance a worm is thrown is very large when combined with Low Gravity. The odds are good that any worm that can be knocked into the air on a randomly generated island map can be drowned with this combo.
  • Baseball Bat has a significant range, and can be used through solid terrain to hit worms under some circunstances.

Tricks and glitches

  • In W2, WA and WWP it is possible to fire the Baseball Bat vertically (or any other angle). With fall damage enabled and at default power, it does 43 damage when pointed completely downwards, and a maximum of 42 damage when pointed completely upwards.


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