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The Angle cheat glitch allows you to fire a Longbow vertically. It also works with Baseball Bat. It uses the same basic idea as the Indian Rope glitch.

This glitch can optionally be disabled using Extended Scheme Options.

How to perform the glitch

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with both weapons
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The Vertical Longbow and Baseball Bat Glitch.

To fire a Longbow vertically, you have to aim another weapon vertically up and start walking. While walking, use the shortcut key (F3) to select Longbow and (while still walking) hit Space. An arrow will fire vertically upwards and hit the object directly above the worm. If there is no object above the worm, the arrow will continue rising above the edge of the sky and eventually fall back down onto the worm, usually causing a deduction of health (except in God Mode).

You should hold down one of the walking keys in case, by chance, you get to fire a second arrow and want to make it go vertical also. You can hit space while continuing to walk to fire a second vertical arrow. If it does not hit something within 10 seconds after the retreat time, it will disappear.

In theory, you can also hurt yourself by aiming a weapon vertically down instead of vertically up and doing the same procedure. This will result in an arrow being fired vertically downwards.

In addition, you can do the same thing with Baseball Bat, and it is still possible to perform the trick even if the player has girders. To do so, simply jump and select baseball bat in mid-air, preferably using F7 key.

A demonstration can be found on YouTube here:


This glitch is possible because the game does not adjust the aiming angle while the worm is walking. Thus, the angle from the previous aimed weapon is retained when firing the Longbow / Baseball Bat.

The glitch of the glitch: Super Arrow Jump

It is possible to shoot the second arrow shot straight upwards, and then when the arrow starts falling, prepare to backflip at the moment the arrow become visible again (outside of the black area). The arrow will hit your worm in mid-air (while jumping) and will make it go up in the sky. This trick is called Super Arrow Jump, explored at the task number 20 on this map of Board Game.

This article has a to-do list:
  • Add Super Arrow Jump replay and gif
  • Add detailed explanation of Super Arrow Jump
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