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Missions in Worms 2 are very simple affairs. They have no form of scripting; the only difference to normal games is that everything is pre-set and can't be changed. Essentially therefore all missions are of the "kill all enemies" type.

Missions are stored in a similarly simple manner. On the disc is a DATA\MISSION directory. Inside this is a directory for each mission number from 1-45. Inside these are five files:

  • MISSION.LEV - the map file used for the mission.
  • MISSION.OPT - the options file used for the mission.
  • MISSION.WEP - the weapons file used for the mission.
  • MISSION.ST1 - a Worms 2 team file containing the CPU team in the mission.
  • MISSION.DAT - one file to bind them all. A textual file containing the extra information the game needs to know about the mission, as well as a few overrides for values in the options file for no apparent reason (according to the comment at the top, this file takes precedent).

Comments are initiated with */ or *\ and terminated with /* or \* (rather confusingly, given this is the opposite way to how C does it.)

Options are assigned values with the following syntax:


There is no form of grouping. All values in the file appear to be integers. There is obviously no convention for capitalisation or space usage.

Note that all of this analysis was from reading the file and its comments only. No modification was attempted, or even verification against what the game actually does. You have been warned.

Name Description
round_time The round time, measured in minutes.
turn_time The turn time, measured in seconds.
mine_count The number of mines.
Worm_select The worm select method. According to comments, can only be 1 for User choice or 0 for No choice.
Artillery Artillery mode - 1 for on, 0 for off.
Force_Player_first If 1, forces the human to go first. If 0, possibly random?
Human_worms The number of worms on the human team.
Cpu_worms The number of worms on the CPU team.
Human_energy The energy per worm, measured in health points, for the human team.
Cpu_energy The energy per worm, measured in health points, for the CPU team.
secret_wep 1 if secret weapons are allowed to drop in crates, 0 otherwise.
boobytraps Despite what the comment says, 1 if crates could be booby trapped, 0 if not.
Crate_drops Chance of a crate being dropped, measured in percent.
Energy_reduce 1 if energy is reduced to 1 in sudden death, 0 if it isn't.
Water_rise Water rise rate in pixels for sudden death.
Oildrums 1 if mines are replaced with oil drums.
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