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(Up to WormKit)
Developer: xKoweKx, terion
Latest version: 22 August 2020
Supported games: W:A
Supported W:A version: 3.8.x
Language: C++
License: Open Source
Website: TUS thread
Download: wkTerrain38_v2-static.dll
Domestic Terrain

wkTerrain is a module for WormKit that allows additional W:A terrains to be installed and selected in the Map editor

It makes it easy for terrains such as Dinos and Domestic (which are present on the WWP CD) to be installed and played with W:A.

wkTerrain has been made obsolete since the release of wkTerrainSync which has added functionality.

For information on how to put together your own custom terrain, see the Terrain Creation Guide.


wkTerrain works by checking for additional directories located in DATA/Level and makes the texture available for selection in the Map editor.

A valid terrain directory contains two files:

  • Level.dir, the main graphics directory which contains all the texture assets. This file can be read and edited using the WA Directory Editor.
  • TEXT.IMG, this represents the texture thumbnail as shown in the map editor.


Those using the CD version of W:A will require FileOverride to use this module.

In order to play them online, all the players must have exactly the same list of terrains (as well as wkTerrain installed) or the game will desynchronize on start.

Host can also generate the map, switch to preview and convert it to PNG by right-clicking this icon: Domestic Terrain

This way, anyone else can play on the map. However, the debris, soil and background features of the terrain will be lost.

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