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wkMagic Map Wizard
Developer: Hosma293
Supported games: W:A
Download: wkMagic_MapWizard.zip

wkMagic Map Wizard is a graphical user interface for wkMagic, a module for WormKit. When a game begins, the wkMagic module checks the map for a special barcode, and depending on the information in the barcode, activates some extra game options that cannot normally be accessed. The wkMagic Map Wizard is an assistant that turns any map into a 'magic map' by placing a barcode for you, with the options you specify.

This map wizard allows you to encode the following options:

  • Windy worms (with the wind factor)
  • Starting position for worms, and enabling teleport upon drowning.
  • Disabling collisions with selected objects, as well as phantom worms mode
  • The position and solidness of the barcode

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