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Developer: CyberShadow
Supported games: W:A
Language: Delphi
License: Partial source avaliable
Download: wkmagic1.zip

wkMagic was a WormKit module, written by CyberShadow, which enhanced gameplay with a few new options. It was the first W:A extension which affected the game's state on a logic frame basis, allowing synchronized modified game behaviour in network games. As such, it can be considered as a predecessor to RubberWorm.

wkMagic was compatible only with W:A, the latest Beta version at the time of its creation.

wkMagic was configurable through setting certain values in scheme settings, and by encoding special information in a barcode-like fashion on the bottom row of a map file. wkMagic Map Wizard was a program written by Hosma293 (a.k.a. Aerolite), which allowed map authors to easily encode wkMagic settings into their maps.


  • Spawn all worms at a certain position at the game start (for rope races)
  • Respawn worms at the start position if they were to touch water
  • Allow worms not to collide with (pass through) other worms ("phantom worms")
  • Allow wind to affect roping and jumping worms
  • Cause grenades which become stationary to explode with 0 damage (enforce "no sitters" rule of BnG)
  • Allow placing over 40 mines on the terrain (the mine limit in was still 8) (for Bows and Arrows)
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