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icon WSnooper
WSnooper screenshot
Developer: CN-Wynn
Latest version: 3.4, 10 Jun 2022
Supported games: W:A
Platform(s): .NET 6.0
Download: WSnooper 3.4

WSnooper (previously called ChinaSnooper) is a Chinese Worms Armageddon snooper. It features WMDB integration, a GUI for HostingBuddy commands, Chinese chat support and a Chinese hosting proxy server.


  1. 修复窗体缩放问题,可自由缩放窗体


  1. 新增4种模式包:jet_shopper、super_jet_shopper、wxw_keep_control、kill_cpu
  2. 新增wormkit插件说明及下载
  3. 全局统一设置字体,优化显示效果
  4. 下载地图新增4种排序方式
  5. 增加关于菜单,显示版本号及开发者


  1. 建房新增中国大陆代理,目前支持4种建房方式。(感谢yty大佬服务器支持)


  1. 兼容steam版本的WA,在建房之前关闭当前游戏房间,不再监听WA进程退出


English update info

  1. Merged Chinese server and European server. Only one server and login exists now.
  2. Independent login. Can host and join rooms without login, chat with worldwide players after login, and host rooms with HostingBuddy.
  3. Show the IRC client players are using. Added hosting info to channel info. Added scrollable switching. Reformatted channel info output.
  4. Solved encoding issues. Decode Russian and Western European texts with special encodings. (Chinese not supported)
  5. Solved national flag displaying issues. Parsed Windows regional information and show all country flags completely.
  6. Optimized map download feature, adding searching by name or map number.
  7. Added scheme pack download feature. Automatically import common schemes into the game.
  8. Added My Favorites feature. You may add schemes or players to favorites. You will receive a notification when a room of your favorites is created, or a favorite player goes online.
  9. Added an instruction panel explaining game rules and HostingBuddy commands.
  10. Merged three hosting methods: Hong Kong proxy, European server proxy and direct IP. Added delay detection feature.
  11. Redesigned user interface. Customized button and textbox styles. Optimized UI rendering. All windows are zoomable.
  12. v3.2 is the final version. Need not install dependent frameworks. Added auto update feature so that it will be no need to release new versions in the future.


  1. 合并国服欧服,以后只有一个服务器,一个登录
  2. 独立登录功能,不登录也可以建房,进房。登录后可跟全球玩家聊天,可使用HostingBuddy建房
  3. 显示玩家IRC客户端,频道消息增加建房信息,增加滚动切换功能,频道消息重新格式化输出
  4. 解决乱码问题,使用特殊编码解析俄文,西欧文。(不支持中文)
  5. 解决国旗显示问题,解析Windows区域信息,完整显示所有国家国旗
  6. 优化地图下载功能,增加根据名称查询、地图号查询
  7. 新增模式包下载功能,常用模式包自动导入游戏中
  8. 新增我的关注功能,可以关注你喜欢的模式和玩家,当关注了某个模式,该模式的房间创建将会提示;当关注了某个玩家,该玩家上线将会提示
  9. 新增游戏规则、HostingBuddy命令帮助说明
  10. 创建房间合并3种建房方式:香港代理、欧服代理、公网IP建房,并增加延迟检测
  11. 所有界面全新优化,自定义按钮文本框样式,优化界面渲染,所有窗口支持缩放
  12. 3.2最终版本,绿色版无需安装依赖框架,增加自动更新,以后不会再发布新版本
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