WA-to-DC Project

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WA-to-DC Project
Creator: Squirminator2k
Creation date: February 2021
Link: https://dream17.abime.net/wormsdc/

The WA-to-DC Project is a project spearheaded by Squirminator2k to convert as many assets from Worms 2, Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party for use in Worms: The Director's Cut as is possible.


The project has had numerous false starts since 2009, with S2K converting and re-converting 2nd-generation terrain styles for use in WormsDC using WormPrefs. This terrain conversion project was completed in 2020, and S2K has since set their sights on converting as many additional WA assets as possible, including colour maps and speech soundbanks.

In February 2021, S2k collected the project onto a single website.

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