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New weapons for W:A by StepS.

Some pages coming soon.

Official download page

Video presentation on YouTube by DumbBongChow

Suggest your ideas here!
Jet PackCrate Spy as a real weaponDamage x2 as a real weaponEnts LauncherRubberWorm LauncherTrollface LauncherBurning Sheep LauncherGolden GrenadeHoming Cluster BombSuper Suicide BomberGas CanisterInstant MinePoor WormFarting SheepGhost SheepHoming Air StrikeTerrain ExploderObject PusherNinja RopeReversed ParachuteWingsSuper TeleportReversed BungeeTerrain DiggerSuper Terrain DiggerHole PunchSuper Hole PunchCake DropStepS' Bible StrikeWorm StrikeHoly Grenade StrikeWormy ArmyCloned SheepDoncrete ConkeyAcid RainSkip GoSurrenderAbout this image
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