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Unnamed Team Entertainment
UTE site screenshot
UTE site screenshot
Creator: Baloo
Creation date: 6 June 2005
Link: http://unnamed-team.extra.hu (in Hungarian)

The clan UT - otherwise known as Unnamed Team - was founded somewhere back in April, 2005, by Balee and Baloo. Originally it was an Elastomania clan, and while mostly it still is, it is rather inactive in that field. In November, 2005, TMate - Baloo's younger brother - officially joined the clan.

As a worms clan, UT is quite active. They participated in the last two Worm Olympics, played a lot on The Challenge Base - although without a result, as the site went dead before it was discovered by the curious members.

UT is known to be collectively fond of most of the rope schemes, as well as most of the racing type games, such as super sheep race and boom race.

In reality, Unnamed Team is a part of Unnamed Team Entertainment, which is, while having the same members, serves other purposes such as program development, graphic tasks, and sometimes fansubbing.

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