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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a The One match with
DaRiOxD and Guaton; taken from Worm Olympics
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The One:
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An open island map without water in the middle if it has 2 islands, or on caves. Better played with the texture which has fruits
One per team

The One is a scheme for just two people, playing head-to-head with just one worm each. With only 15 seconds of turn time and one worm standing between survival and death, gameplay can be fast and tense.

An ideal map is a cavern or an island without water in the middle if it has 2 islands, to prevent easy assassinations (drownings). A recommended terrain texture is the one with fruits.


The One was created by Felo in June of 2009, and was played in the Worm Olympics of the same year. The scheme also appeared in the following year's Worm Olympics, but is not known to have seen competitive play since.

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