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Having health difference is a bad, bad idea. - DarkOne -

your face is a bad idea Run! 09:22, 20 June 2008 (MST)

very subtile, Run :P FFie, MoM and I had a test run: we played it on double island-ish maps and BnG -type maps.

first thing we noticed is that there wasn't enough space. double caverns seem to be a must. second off: worms getting low, stay low. digging your way out of isolated spaces can take ages. Maybe a teleport would be good then? Only allow worms to teleport into a group of your own worms? Sometimes, worms get stuck. for engineers, that shouldn't be a probem, since you can use drill/blowtorch. But other worms? should firepunch be available? (perhaps very low power, so you can get out, but can't hit worms above you for a lot of hp; your own fault you got stuck after all) Worm Select: available at the start of your turn? —Preceding unsigned comment added by DarkOne (talkcontribs)

  1. How many worms have you tried?
  2. What time settings have you tried? It seems 25 seconds plus maybe 5 hotseat seconds would be appropiate.
  3. What do you mean by "Worm Select: available at the start of your turn?", did you mean "round" instead of "turn"?
  4. If maps are going to be bigger than standard, then Worm Select (the weapon) should be considered for inclusion. I do believe Worm Select is a key element, but will only be effective in big maps. Being able to move more than one worm in a single turn adds to strategy, because you will be able to plan a next move that isn't as obvious as sometimes is in schemes like Elite. Creativity would then be decisive. But with such a setting, bigger maps are mandatory, since WS needs a downside to balance it: if you are going to move more than one worm, then you most likely won't be able to cover enough terrain. (And, with the proposed turn time, sounds coherent)
  5. Spy seems to be too weak. With a 35% powered Axe, it would be useful only in the first attacking turns, and then you'll have to ditch him. Maybe that's what you meant from the beggining (to have a downside on Spy). But if you see that your opponnent has a Spy then you'll know he will try to attack with him a.s.a.p.
    Anyway, i'd add Low Gravity for Spy, to make him more like a Ninja-spy :D And that should be enough, imo.
  6. You wondered about Teleport, and i suggest a rule: Each team chooses a single starting "base" (an area of terrain, a clear spot, let's say, the width of a HHG-explosion diameter). Anytime a player chooses to use teleport, he must only use it to teleport back to his base. Then we'd solve the "worms being stuck" and keep the gameplay on the ground for most of the game.
Then again, there's the problem of adding rules that make this more complicate, but you wanted to add a rule for Tele anyway. :)

OutofOrder 05:54, 24 June 2008 (MST)

  1. testing occurred with 8 worms. I personally think you should have at least 5 worms, but 8 is probably best for the most diverse gameplay.
  2. 25 seconds seem good. Perhaps more hotseat time as well, though. I'm thinking 15 (you don't have to use all those seconds, you know!)
  3. Like in RR: you don't have to use worm select to be able to pick your worm.
  4. Answered in the previous answer :)
  5. well, spies are supposed to be able to weaken the enemy, so that's the idea behind the battle axe! low gravity is an interesting suggestion :)
  6. possible! we're going to be stuck with rules anyway on this scheme :) this will be WA's cricket

DarkOne 21:35, 24 June 2008 (GMT)

"Engineer: Blowtorch, Drill, Girders & any weapon obtained from a crate"

Does this mean that only Engineers are allowed to use the weapons obtained from a crate?

--Amisnaru 01:04, 1 July 2008 (MST)

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